Posted by: Mermaid | October 7, 2003

A Blue Rose’s Tale

She comes everyday,
Through the same long way
To lay beside me
To listen to that running stream
She comes and goes
And only He knows
When she will ever find
What she longs for inside.
Today she came
Through the same lane
Beside me, she threw
Her exhausted body on the ground
And closed her eyes
To see the beauty around.
Then an apparition passed by
And touched her lips
With the tenderest kiss
And it flew away
Leaving dew upon her face
Giving her hope to embrace
That tomorrow it will rain
That her love won’t be consumed in vain
That he will come again.
So, still she comes everyday
Through the same long way.
And she is still waiting…



  1. (Hope and Lost Dreams) is my subject here.
    While hope is mainly linked to future, lost dreams are as we know belonging to the past. Yet, hope is based on these very lost dreams and trying to revive them again; so, what is the time we are moving in now? Are we sleeping with the past or arising with the future? It may be better understood if we know the coherence relation of hope to the expression “Nostalgia”.

    Following that clue, when looking at verbs used in this piece (A Blue Rose’s Tale), I can see the gradual change of tenses; from continuous state of renewing action ” a living status quo” that appears in verbs like (comes, to lay, to listen .. ) then the sudden change to the past when the magical word appears – what she “longs” for inside – after which the verbs are in the past (came, threw, closed ..) Then, At last, and around the word “hope” in – giving her hope to embrace – verbs of present and future tenses appear, like in (will rain, will come …).

    And I wonder, was it in the writer’s hands to arrange verbs around central words like that? Or was it her conscience that led her to? Would you analyze this, readers?

    I’d say that seeing her last words in this piece .. “still waiting”, makes me eager to ask her when would nostalgia and hope unite into your present perfect tense Mayada? When would your outer shape reconcile with your ego? And when would you LIVE your dreams?

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