Posted by: Mermaid | October 26, 2003

Dancing With my Shadow

Nothing I get
But that deafening echo
Of my desperate calls.
No company I have
But my forlorn shadow
To swirl with
In an endless, hysteric dance.
Droplets of pearls
Fall of my eyes
At my feet
To turn into
Silver sands.
In a moon-ray-bared cage,
Singing sad fairies songs.
And waiting for a friendly sun ray
To sneak into my cage
And rescue me.


  1. Waiting for Hope

    I’ve always conceived society as one that a person makes for himself, not the one she/he lives in. Thus, there are societies of anger, depression and agony; and there are societies of satisfaction, aspiration and laughter (if any exists in our beloved country)

    Here in “Dancing With my Shadow”, “A Woman in Black” and “A Blue Rose’s Tale” I can see the longing to live in a society of hope. Despites its name (hope), this society carries the elements of loneliness, triviality and lack of communication.

    How could it be? How does Hope, that reminds us of dreamy and beautiful environment, bring us down to our knees begging to be understood by the very nearest ones who we assume to be in our society? Is it because we put different definitions to our looks towards life? Is it because we assume some people to be just like us? Or is it because we are merely survivors of life’s slopes?

    Yet, the question that’s to be asked: Are we, citizens of this society, happily living in la isla bonita of hope? Who we are trying to mock, God, people or life?

    Why can’t me be felt the way I desire to be felt. I need this gift so much, the gift to be second to none as I, you, we foolishly think ourselves to be. Someone once said if we truly believe, we can make things happen; and we are believers, but, are we believed in? Oh God, I need to be seen again.

    Any of us would say: Here I’m , created just the way you see .. And you, yes you .. Do you like what you see? If yes, then why I’m not satisfied about myself? Why can’t my eyes reflect the image in your eyes? Why do I feel motion sickness when I try to walk the path to my own happiness?
    I .. I apologize .. I’ve said too much ..
    but I’ve been there too and still .. waiting ..
    waiting for hope

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