Posted by: Mermaid | March 25, 2004

The Choice

Close your eyes,
Follow me
I’ll show you the way
To my secret garden
Ride on that enchanting melody
That my murmuring heartbeats sing.
Trace the whispers
Of the virgin light of my eyes.
In that beautiful maze,
Allow thy self to be lost
To find
Thine destination
And destiny.
Come closer,
Let me show you my flowers:
Callas, daisies and irises.
I water them from that well yonder
I hold my two silver buckets
And fill them with memories
And with the diamond droplets
That fall off my eyes
And pour them on the thirsty buds
Some whither,
Some blossom.
Now, draw closer
Here’s our destination
Do you see this light blue, glass house?
It is my home.
Do you wish to get in?
Be ware, if you do, you will never go out
And you’ll have to leave all your luggage
And life
You’ll step into that sweet whirl
Where you’ll be eternally enchanted
By my inevitable spells.
No, do not ask me to tell you
What lies behind that door.
Some secrets are not to be disclosed!
It might be everlasting bliss,
Or perpetual misery!
Now, the choice
Is Yours!


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