Posted by: Mermaid | October 5, 2004

Starting Anew

My PC Hard Disk has crushed down! Everything was lost; all my e-mails, all my literary works and all my personal documents. Having the worst memory ever made me fatally depend on my PC for keeping a lot of stuff. I felt that I lost a part of me, of my memory, of my past. That kept me depressed for a couple of days. But then I thought: “May be it was meant to happen that way; to lose everything to start anew, to start afresh. May be I had to lose it all in order to have a new, clean space to receive new memories, new experiences.” That made me feel much better! I know that some things are irreplaceable but among those, I lost memories I had to let go of but was reluctant to. I felt that my mind returned into a baby virgin land, I can take seeds now inside me, I can grow plants and flowers. I know there will be thorns to grow along with the roses, but this is a part of the learning process in life that I am willing to take.


  1. حصلتلي مرة بس بسبب ان محل الاجهزة فرمت الكمبيوتر وبكيت فعلا بسبب مجهود شهرين راح عليا

  2. ربنا يكفينا شر “الفرمتة” :):)

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