Posted by: Mermaid | May 15, 2006

A Merciless Tick

“What do you mean you are traveling?” He said it with a calm voice but could not succeed in hiding the latent, tense tone. “I mean,” she started with a steady voice “I am traveling to England in two weeks. I have been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I do not intend to waste it.” She waited for a reaction from him but he just fixed his look on her. She continued passionately “Everybody envies me. It is like a double promotion. Four years there and my career is boosted.” He turned around to face her while saying, “Honey, I know how important your career is for you. And I have always supported you. But what will happen to us when you travel knowing that it is out of the question that I accompany you?” The answer reached him through her silent and motionless look. He lost his temper and grabbed her by both elbows yelling, “You cannot do this to us”. He could see that he frightened her as she put her fists before her face. He blinked and looked at her fingers with painful amazement. “You took off your ring! I see you have already made the decision.” “I just think we are not meant to be. I am sorry!” she said it with a steady voice. He looked at her deep in the eyes looking for the warmth and love they once shared but he was faced with a cold, indifferent face. “How…” he murmured close to her face, “you heartless, cold b…. I hate you!” He said it and pushed her with all his might on the large sofa behind her. The slam of the door was as strong as his love and hate for her. She kept staring at the closed door for a minute, a long endless minute. Then she stood up and headed for the drawers set at the corner of the room. She grabbed a medium size file from the first drawer and opened it. Meaningless figures were printed. Nothing made sense except for that line towards the end of the page. That line that she read hundreds of times since she received the file two days ago. She did not notice the tear that fell on that merciless tick on the indifferent “Positive” square next to “Leukemia Detection.”



  1. طالما اعتقدت أنه كلما كبر حجم الذنب زادت المساحة التى نحتاج أن تغطيها التوبة. وقد يمتد رجاء التوبة عمراً بأكمله

    لكن .. إلى متى تستغرقنا التوبة من آثامنا حتى تنسينا أن نعيش؟ ومتى نعرف أن خارج أبواب غرفتنا عالم آخر ينتظرنا ويدعونا للتجربة مرة أخرى وأخرى ؟ أو ليس الانسان هو صنيعة تجاربه ؟ و آه من ذاك عبء يحمله الانسان على كتفيه .. عبء أن يظل يحمل الماضى وهو ينظر للمستقبل ويحاول أن يتكيف مع حاضره

    Some of the lovely quotes I’ve read lately were (surprisingly) related to very ordinary people .. One of them says most of Egyptian people consider the boundaries of their world to be just the area behind the closed doors of their houses. The other says that we are a people fond of sadness for a very amazing reason which is, sadness breaks the distances erected between us.

    I’ve mentioned these examples trying to approach Mayada’s way of thinking in “A Merciless Tick” and other works, from an opposite direction which is : how to refund one’s self with pleasure in a non-convenient environment?
    As for myself, I’d do the same .. denying myself to the welfare of those I love, but why shouldn’t I be granted myself with the welfare of those I love? Although It is a simple equation (take = give), yet it is not applicable for some.

    لا أدرى هل أكون مخطئاً أم مصيباً حين أصف حالة ميادة فى كتاباتها بأنها المخلوق الأكثر شجناً عرفته .. هل لأنها عاشقة عرفت كيف يتغلغل الحب فى نفسها ويتملكها حين لا يكون لها سلطان على نفسها؟ هل لأنها أدركت أن كيانها البشرى أهون عليها من لحظة تشعر فيها بالانتماء لشخص أو مكان ما؟ .. لا أدرى

    إنها حالة امرأة عشقت .. عشقت من تحب وعشقت البحر والسماء والنجوم والطبيعة والحياة بكل ما فيها ونسيت أن تعشق نفسها كما ينبغى ..

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