Posted by: Mermaid | September 14, 2007

And I Miss Her

I started the prayer today with eyes full of tears because I was thinking of mom. I could not hold them back, so they slid silently on my sleeves. I will never let her travel away from me that long ever again :( I called her once I came home and told her I missed her so much. I found her answering me passionately: “Me too so much! I am counting the days till I come back to you!” I couldn’t help my tears again but I did my best to keep my tone unaffected so that she wouldn’t know I was crying.

My eating habits are deteriorating, not that they were originally good (faint smile). But they are getting worse and worse with every passing day…I eat less and less, and I eat non-healthy food. I miss our fights over food :( I miss her calling me at work to make sure I am okay and that I ate something :'( And when I come home, she’d insist I eat anything even if I had lunch at work.

Home is not the same without her… she’s like the blessing of the house. She makes many things tolerable. I miss complaining to her about work or just reviewing my future plans with her. No wonder they say that women are the centre of the house!

Ahhh, Rabena yekhaleeky leya ya ommy!



  1. Chapeau ya Mermaid…. it is a very sincere note that resembles everyone’s … no, actually every girl’s feeling when her mom isnt there. women arent the center of the house, mothers are the real spirit of the house.

  2. Ya Willy ya gamila :)

    I cannot believe you’ve gone that far in my posts :D Am really thrilled and honored begad :)

    Yes, women are the spirit of the house fe3lan…

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