Posted by: Mermaid | September 20, 2007

Inside My Head

Yesterday I decided to take a shower. I take showers based on instant decisions and the length of the shower (from 20 to 90 mins) depends on my mood. Also the type depends on how good/bad I feel – short, quick, long, slow … plain, bubbles or salts. I hoped with that path to wash away the burdens my heart bears. And it worked … to some extent. This mixture of berries scent made me feel lighter and a bit numbed. When saif (my nephew) drew closer to me, he reached out his hands, touched my hair and asked in wonder: “Have you taken a shower?!” I smiled and answered while drawing my head closer to him: “Yes, feel it.” He sniffed my hair and said: “mmm, delicious!” before leaving the room. I froze in wonder at children’s natural ability of creating non-conventional images. No wonder Romantics (of Romanticism) always cherished childhood.

I love Saif!

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