Posted by: Mermaid | September 29, 2007

My Before-I-Die Wish List

Inspired by Nerro’s note on her wish list, I am writing mine. But I’ll classify it into a realistic list and an imaginary one.

The Realistic list:

1- To build a good muslim family.

2- To perform hajj then go into jihad for Allah, then die as a martyr.

3- To make my parents and sisters happy and content all the time.

4- To visit all my relatives.

5- To read the interpretation of all the Quran. Memorize surat Al Kahf, Yassine, Maryam and Al Rahman.

6- To live on an island…a tropical one … where I’d eat mango, banana, pineapples…. :)

7- To build a HUGE centre for educating the less fortunate people of society.

8- To have a swimming pool, a garden and a shaded hammock in my future house.

9- To drop the habit of leaving unfinished tasks.

 10- To speak French fluently.

11- To work as a teacher of literature.

The imaginary one:

1- To have a magical wand that drops stars whenever I move it.

2- To live back in the days of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and to be a good muslime then.

3- To live for a month in England in the 16th or 17th centuries (I love women’s BIG manfousha dresses they used to wear back then!).

4- To have a mansion in the countryside; preferably England, France or Al Minia!.

5- To be able to remove all the evil in the world by a touch of my magical wand.

6-To have a baby hippo, baby giraffe and a baby elephant in my future house garden :)



  1. anything done yet :D

  2. Am working on 3 :) The rest, no :)

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