Posted by: Mermaid | October 20, 2007

Just a Thought … or Two

– I’ve tried uploading a picture to the sidebar many times. And though there were instructions in FAQ in WordPress on how to do it and though I closely followed them, but it didn’t work out.  I almost gave up… but then thought of giving it another try this morning. And while searching here and there, I found out that instead of reading in those instructions “src”, I read it “scr” and I kept trying with the wrong code for hours. When the thrill of succeeding at last started to calm down, I gave it some thought wondering how come I read it wrongly sooo many times. And then it hit me: “we read what we want to read”. I don’t know why I linked it to the word “screen” so I decided to read it “scr”! When we have preset judgements or opinions, we – subconsciously – read, hear and grasp everything in a way that would make it fit our initial preset perception which leads us to be rigid towards changing that perception. Maybe this is because we feel safe sticking to one opinion and changing it would make us uncomfortable and we might need to go through struggles with ourselves and others to prove what we believe is right. And since humans are not persistent nor have the willingness to fight, they prefer the safe side. One rule I believe worth being a life motto: “always questions your decisions, believes and perceptions”.  Always try to look at things from a different angle, closing your eyes to your own initial point of view. It helps a lot!

– True love is when you do something that pleases or comforts those you love not something that pleases you. For example, I enjoy movies a lot. I thought many times of taking mama to a movie, but then I found out that she doesn’t enjoy movies as much as I do. A quiet breakfast at home, or a soft drink in that quiet corner in the club would make her happier. Search for what they love and need. Love is “NOT” selfish!


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