Posted by: Mermaid | October 20, 2007

Reflections: On Safety

A few days ago, while entering my room at work, I had this urge to drop to the ground! I did not find it in myself to resist that urge, so, I dropped to the ground and rested my face on the cold ceramics. I remained still for almost five minutes enjoying a feeling of peacefulness. Later, I wondered why I had this urge. That feeling of safety I experienced when I was stuck to the ground gave me a hint. If I am already on the ground, there is no risk of falling… no risk of hitting my head to a solid rock … no risk of being hurt. True! But then I thought that if I stay down there, then there is no chance of feeling the thrill of heights, the beauty of the horizon… possibilities and closed doors. I know that while standing up, there is always the risk of falling down. Question: does it worth? Exploring and seeing new things, enjoying life, loving, caring, helping? I found the answer simpling flowing out of my mind: “Yes! Yes, it worth it… it worth the risk.”

I am willing to take my chances. I know I have fallen lately and got hurt. But I know too that I will stand up again and look for a door to challenge… a desert to explore … wisdom to gain… and a true life to live.

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