Posted by: Mermaid | October 24, 2007

She (7)

She approached that quiet lake feeling grateful to the festival on the other side of the town that kept people busy and away from her beautiful lake. She tightly wrapped a big white scarf around her shoulders and wore her favorite light blue dress that flew gently around her slim figure. She let her brown hair carelessly loose on her shoulders not minding those few locks that moved playfully around her broad forehead and round cheeks. 

She never used those wooden benches but when there were people around. Now that she had the lake all for herself, she preferred to take the colorful fallen autumn leaves as her seat on the lake edge. How much she loved and enjoyed that smell… a smell of earth… of days gone by… a smell of a warm embrace from those bending trees … of a smiling crescent! She looked up there and thought that three tiny stars from the sky would look fabulous on her dress. She smiled at her silly wish and sighed. How peaceful she felt here… when nobody was around… just her and that wrapping, tender nature. She knew those trees loved her… whenever she was around, they sent her greetings of melodies played with the soft, refreshing winds. She approached the lake to look at her face as she usually did. But then, she stopped half way. Can she look at her face now… into her eyes? She drew back and laid down her whole body on the welcoming ground. She knew she couldn’t face those eyes now… she knew she ccouldn’t turn question and exclamation marks into full stops… not now. Questions were too heavy … she couldn’t bear the load. She came here to catch her breath and to gain some strength. Answers were hidden somewhere … maybe at the bottom of the lake…behind that tree… or maybe beneath that heap of yellow and orange leaves. She wouldn’t look for them now. Time will either bring them to her or let her let go. 

She sighed again and started humming a dear note… lulling herself to sleep.



  1. Ah, a writer. I simply clicked on the “random blog” button in the top right and I got here. I enjoyed your last few blogs, though I cannot read Arabic, so you’ve got me there. I can tell that mind of yours is always going . . . and that is a wonderful thing. Thanks for recording some good thoughts.

  2. What a beautiful start of the day to read such a refreshing feed-back :) Thanks a lot, dear Eric!

    I am not sure if having a mind that is “always going” is such a wonderful thing or not. Sometimes it is. Other times, it is a torture!

    Hope you’d drop by often :) And maybe you can start learning a bit of Arabic ;)

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