Posted by: Mermaid | November 3, 2007

Reflections: On Dead Ends

Life is full of dead ends, isn’t it? Careers, relationships …even streets! What do we do when we meet one? We just turn around and try to look for an open space. Humans are growing less and less willing to face and knock down dead ends. Why don’t we go and try our hands with the dead end? I admit some are solid and cannot be knocked down. But at the same time, some are just fake dead ends and can be removed easily, while others might require some work to vanish. The important thing is to have a broad vision, persistence and willingness to try our hands in knocking them down. At least when you walk away from a real dead end after trying to pull it down, you’ll never wonder: “what if…?”








  1. Dear thx 4 this optimism…..It is going darker and Harder..the Circumstances ,that we struggle naw…so…we need a mix Of the recipt..U have written..may B we at last reach the end of the Daarkness and find the light ..
    I will make sure 2 Read what U write..

  2. Thanks a lot for the beautiful feed-back :)

    I do not consider this as an optimistic view of life but rather a persistent attitude of getting what I want … of enjoying life to the most by ceasing every single opportunity life throws my way.

    You are most welcome in my blog whenever you pass by :)

  3. yaaaaaaaah ya Mayo…. 7assany ana elly katabt elkatba elkelmetein dol……. howa come we think alike awy keda ya bent enty! :)

    You were right, it is shabah mine awy fe3lan!

  4. Shofty ya Rou :) Mesh 2oltelek :)

    You know, I feel sometimes that our (your and my ya3ny) crust is different from each others. But our core values are just identical :)

    You cannot imagine how happy I am for having you as my close friend :))

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