Posted by: Mermaid | November 5, 2007



I just came from a concert by my favorite Egyptian band; Flamenca. They mix flamenco with oriental music in a way that makes it torturing and painful not to sway with the rhythm. At certain times, when the beat was really passionately high, my feet went off the ground (am glad I was sitting down then :) ). Wael Khedr himself’s feet went off the ground sometimes :) The music and how passionately the band was playing made me shiver at times and made my heart beat so fast and loud. It’s not just nice music (dazzling, in fact), it is the spirit on stage. Wael … I just loved following his gestures to the rest of the band; a wave of the head, a silent word, or just a look. The players kept their eyes on him for instructions. And they are not just playing for audience. They were enjoying what they were doing very much. You can be sure of that by the wide, genuine smiles they had on their faces. They HAD fun.


The drummers were so skillful not only with their playing but with body movement that caught up with the beat.  They made me feel sometimes that I am in a Cuban bar on the Caribbean :) The singer increased the involvement of the audience with the band by his singing. However, at times, I wanted him to just get a bit distant from the mic coz I wanted a deeper effect of his echoing voice. And the choice of lyrics (that I didn’t get all) was just excellent! I have to admit all the players were amazing in their playing and also in giving the thread of music from one player to the other and in participating all to weave a beautiful net of breath-taking pieces.


Now, I do feel intoxicated… as if I am on drugs… but I am just “on music” : ) Thank you, Flamenca, for the awesome evening! :)



  1. I think Mayada desrided how i really felt at the concert yesterday, although i believe sometimes words are never enough to describe the spiritual “intoxication” we shared last night.
    Mysoul simply transfered to a different world or even a pleasant dream (Andalusian dreams), all expressed in some flawless tailored tunes; the harmony was out standing.

  2. Yes ya Eimos :) Very much “Andalusian Dreams” :)) Bravooo ;) (I’ll kill you if you comment on this here :P)

    Nawarty el blog el motawade3 beta3y ya fandem :)

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