Posted by: Mermaid | November 15, 2007


أحب هذا الدعاء كثيراً جداً. أعلقه فوق لوحة بجوار مكتبي. فكرت أن أشارككم إياه :) 

اللهم يا صاحب كل وحيد، ويا مؤنس كل غريب، ألقي رجائك في قلبي حتى لا أرجو أحداً سواك.



  1. so sweet Prayer…we all need , the feeling that we R not alone…seen , Observed Allah…that give us a feeling of Peace and secure..
    thx so much

  2. You are most welcome… :)

    But you know what we need even more? That feeling that what we resort to is MUCH stronger than us. Ya3ny resorting to a friend is fine, but we know friends cannot ALWAYS help us. But when we resort to Allah, we kind of admit our weakness in front of His glory. We know He can ALWAYS help us… one way or another.

    Thanks a lot for the feed back :)

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