Posted by: Mermaid | November 18, 2007

Inside You

My head sinks into that soft pillow. I wish my thoughts would sink in darkness but they keep hovering around my mind like dark clouds in a rainy day. I curl up and cover myself well but I am still shaking with the coldness I feel within. How awfully lonely I feel without you?! How much I miss your being near?! How cold and deserted my world is?! I turn around to find your back. Why when you are so close there is this distance between us? Why did we have to fight? Why did you have to throw accusations at me and I scream in your face? I touch you with shivering fingertips. You move. I withdraw my hand quickly and try to turn around but you hold me gently by the arm and freeze me. I dare not raise my eyes to face yours. All my defenses will just collapse then. A stupid tear escapes my eye and starts drawing its way to the tip of my nose. You trace the tear by the tip of your finger and then rest your warm hand on my cold cheek for a few moments before holding my fist to kiss it. You utter no words but you feel that tremble of my fragile body. You slide your arm around me drawing me closer to you. I feel numbed by the smell of your skin when I bury my face in your chest. My tremble stops. A shade of a fatigued smile dances at the corner of my mouth before I fall asleep in your arms. Inside you I feel warm … and safe.


  1. Doodz this is one of your most amazing pieces. Simply because it describes a situation almost all of us experienced at some point in our lives. And you do it with so much feelings and emotions.
    “How awfully lonely I feel without you” … so very touching.
    “Inside you I feel warm … and safe” … a feeling of utter bliss.

    My two cents :)

  2. Ya Solaz :) Am very happy you liked it ya bent :) I think it is one of the “most-felt” pieces I’ve ever written.

    And you picked my two favorite phrases :)

    “How awfully lonely I feel without you”… a nostalgic yet hopless cry of a curled up heart
    “Inside you I feel warm … and safe” … a statement of contentment, bliss and willing surrender.

    Your two cents mean A LOT to me :) Kissessss keteer :)

  3. Another shiny wild pearl! You know how to plug your pen to your heart!

  4. Believe me it is not an easy thing to plug my pen in my heart. It is very, very painful.

    Thank you, E :) :)

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