Posted by: Mermaid | November 23, 2007

The Journey


She stepped out of her hotel on that mountain and stood at the door wondering which way to take. She felt fresh and moderately filled with the fresh bread, goat cheese and orange juice she had for breakfast. Should she go down where she could do some shopping of locally produced goods … where civilization was, or should she head up where more people would be reluctant to go since it started to snow and it is considerably cold? It took her a few seconds to tighten her scarf around her shoulders and head where she’d find solitude and quietness.  

On her way up, she passed by short houses welcoming the morning mild sun with many plants in their wooden and stone balconies. Some exhibited jars of fruits turned into jam – different colors; orange, dark brown and yellow. A thin line of water came down across the slightly steep, paved way. She stopped for a minute staring astonishingly at a lonely orange leaf that stood stubbornly in the face of the thin line of water, refusing to be drifted away.  

Bit by bit, the houses started to disappear as she went up to leave a space for the deserted forest. Nobody was around which made a content smile softly dance on her slightly parted lips. The road was not easy yet she knew her destination was gratifying. When she approached the top, she found herself walking amidst fogs. How fresh and light she felt then! She passed through foggy times in her life, but she came out of them to see clearly what she wanted and desired.  

Seeing those white spots of snow made her smile turn into a wide grin. She ran and held the snow with her bare hands while joyfully saying with audible voice: “Snow! Snow! How refreshing?!” She put the snow clusters carefully back on the ground as if they were pieces of delicate glass. She wondered how it would be like when the whole forest would be covered in snow. Unfortunately, her visit would not be long enough to behold this sight. 

A few bushes appeared from a distance tempting her to draw closer. She approached the bushes to find them holding some small red fruit covered with frost. She picked one up and put it between her lips. She touched the tiny fruit with the tip of her tongue to feel its coldness. She did not eat it. She just enjoyed feeling its coldness within.  

Moving upward made her reach a small area of trees with brown and pink bark. She felt exhausted and weak. She sat down on a heap of fallen colored leafs and leaned her back on the old tree. The journey was long… hard and tiring. She started coughing till she became breathless and her face turned red. She put her hand on her chest trying to calm her breathing down while saying to her self: “It’s okay. You are strong. This too shall pass.” Her coughing stopped but her breathing was very heavy. She leaned her head to the tree wondering: “Is the journey end coming close… closer than what I thought? Is it time?” She thought about her life. She has faced so many losses yet she was bestowed by plentiful blessings. That was why she ended up as never being extremely happy or dramatically sad. She was content … just content with what came her way. Her face always gently shone with a thin layer of tears in her brown eyes and a shadow of a smile on her delicate lips. She knew it was just a matter of time for this foggy journey to end… for her to finally see the light.  

She closed her eyes humming: 

“May it be the shadows call

Will fly away

May it be your journey on

To light the day

When the night is overcome

You may rise to find the sun


Mornie utúlie
Believe and you will find your way Mornie alantieA promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now”*  1  *May It Be by Enya.



  1. Eh ya Doodz el 7alawa de :D

    Very optimistic piece and I love the attitude you portrayed throughout. The inner battle the “character” has with herself of realizing this could be the end but not giving in to it, is a reflection of true strength from within…strength of being able to pick yourself up, even in your lowest moments. And content with what she gets, now that’s a true believer :D

    My favorite line: “She knew it was just a matter of time for this foggy journey to end… for her to finally see the light.” …. That’s what optimism is all about :)

    Keep on writing Doodz :)

  2. Ya Sola :)

    I’ll grow addicted to your comments here :) Thank you very much for the refreshing comment!

    Yes, it is just a matter of time… just a matter of time!

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