Posted by: Mermaid | December 9, 2007

My Sky


I turn on my back and look at my bedroom ceiling. Scattered luminous stars of all sizes stare back at me. I look exactly above my head and find that empty spot where two stars are missing. I smile and remember each star. They were genuinely given with a loving heart. Do I regret giving those two stars away? Mmmm, I don’t! It is part of our existence to give pieces of what we hold dear. I gave those two stars to people that were close. I know I can never have my stars back.  I know some given things are not to be re-gained. Yes, I am missing two stars yet there are many more that keep my sky still beautiful and sparkling. There are still many more stars to give … to share.

May my sky always be filled with endless stars to give … to light somebody’s dark night.


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