Posted by: Mermaid | December 22, 2007

December, December… I love you, December!

I was just talking with a friend of mine a few days ago and I found myself telling her: “December is a sad month!” She couldn’t understand. And I couldn’t, or did not want to, explain. My first true love relationship ended in December… almost 6 years ago. Despite all the celebrations people hold towards the end of it, but remains the fact that it is a “good-bye month”. We say good-bye to an aging year… to a year of our lifetime. Even though we say good-bye to our sorrows too, but still it is a “good-bye”. And I hate good-byes… everybody does!

Then why do I love this month? It is my second favorite month after July (where I was born). It is the true beginning of winter. Whenever I think of winter, I think of December. I enjoy walking alone in the cold streets in the middle of the night. It has a flavor none of the other months has! It is beautifully sad, cheerfully cold, and melancholically merry… I equally enjoy being alone and with company. It is sensually spiritual… warmly freezing.  

Oh, December, December… I love you, December!


  1. R u a Cancer !!!! coz im a cancer :) … i always felt that we have sthn in common … i adore winter … n u too !!! i luv the sea .. n can stay on the beach for hours doing nothin but watching it’s waves … luv to read by the sea .. most of my writings r done by the sea … it’s an honour to be in the same sign with u mayada :)
    To me … Summer = Liberty , Autumn = Hibernation and Winter = time for reflections n insights … it’s my season !!!

  2. Ya mar7aba ya Yasmeen :) Yes, I am a Cancer … a crazy one :)) Winter is my favorite season too … it is serene and beautiful. And as you said, it is time for reflections and insights.

    I adore the sea too. But I usually cannot read on the beach. The scenery is too beautiful for me to tear my eyes off it and put on a book. Though I see the sea for max two weeks only in the year, but it is always inside my head. Many of my writings have the sea/beach as the setting.

    To me, summer is liberty bardo :) autumn is a promise of winter, winter is time for reflections and insights and tagamo3at el katakeet with my close friends :), and spring is the time where my eyes become red because of taqalobat el weather :)

    Honored to have you here ya Yasmeen :)

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