Posted by: Mermaid | December 24, 2007

Falling Into You (Part II)

What a beautiful Saturday?! Spring sun was softening the refreshing departing winter breeze. She chose a quiet area of Hyde Park and leaned her back on a tree with pink flowers. She always enjoyed peaceful Saturday mornings reading and relaxing in the park. Before she realized it, it was almost 2 in the afternoon when a big shadow had suddenly fallen upon her blocking the warm sun. She raised her eyes to find a tall man whose features were darkened by the sun behind his head. “Emotional Intelligence,” the familiar coarse voice read the title of the book she was reading. “God! Not you!” she whispered to herself. “So you are one of those people who depend on self-development books instead of living a real life and gaining experience first-handedly?” Darcy continued with an obvious sarcastic tone. “I see the company is hiring the top-notch indeed.” She opened her mouth to fire back with the slightest knowledge of what to say when he snapped with a low amused bow of his head: “Good afternoon, Miss Adams!” before walking away giving place to the sun to suddenly fill her wide open eyes. She watched his erect back moving far away angrily. “Damn, damn, damn! Who the hell do you think your are, you haughty, heartless, sarcastic beast?!!!”

She tried returning to her reading but in vain. She was very angry at him. How could somebody be that arrogant… that annoyingly … handsome?!!! He looked darkly attractive in his white polo t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He casually threw a light blue pull-over on his broad shoulders which added a natural air to his authoritative voice. “To hell with you, Darcy!” She whispered between her teeth. He spoiled her peaceful afternoon and she will think of a way to pay him back. Oh, yes, she will!


  1. Can’t wait for part 3!

  2. Today inshallah ya Sola :)

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