Posted by: Mermaid | December 26, 2007

Falling Into You (Part III)

Why are the first two working days in the week the longest? It is Tuesday and it is almost 7:30 PM. She leaned back in her chair moaning of the back pain resulted from working for more than 11 hours. Though the door to her office was not closed but she raised her legs and rested them on the desk edge since there was nobody in the office at this late hour. She closed her eyes and had a light smile imagining the long bath she’d take once she goes home… vanilla-and-honey bath bubbles in hot water with blueberry scented candles scattered around the bath tub and the lights switched off and… “Miss Adams.” She was startled by the sharp voice that she lost her balance and fell along with the chair on her back. “Damn!” she murmured before seeing him turning around her desk to stand above her. He started with a raised eyebrow: “if you are trying to impress management by staying up late in the office, then be sure that falling down that frequently will not get you quite there.” Before she could answer him, he descended, held her by the arms and raised her to her feet as if she were a silly five-year old child. She annoyingly wondered why she had the habit of taking off her shoes whenever she was working late. She looked shorter now with bare feet.  She could finally raise her eyes to his face and say with a disturbed tone: “I am not trying to impress anyone. If I had been, then I would have made everybody aware that I am staying late. But the fact is I never thought there was still anybody in the office.” She became furious by the disbelieving smile he gave her while ignoring her remark to say: “I was in a meeting with Martha and she offered me to tour all the four branches in UK staying for six months in each giving trainings and supervising a few projects. And she suggested I’d start with London branch.” His eyes narrowed while observing her features that froze upon the mention of London branch.

He was standing close to her… too close, she thought. But there was no room for her to take a step back as she could feel her chair just behind her. She felt fatally trapped by his overwhelming presence. She wondered why she felt dizzy by the scent of his cologne. She thought that she needed to say something… anything. But she also had to hide how perplexed she felt.  “Impressive!” she said in the very same tone he used when they first met in the bi-annual get-together a few days ago. His head thrust back with an amused chuckle before looking at her with a wide smile: “I see you have an excellent memory!” She felt even worse now with his amused, relatively soft tone. Why is he dropping the arrogant façade? Before waiting for a reply from her, he said: “there is a party next Sunday celebrating the successful end of the financial year. I’ll see you there, Adams.” His command answered her question. He was used to giving orders to others who followed blindly.  He was still an arrogant iceberg who thought he owned the world.

He moved towards the door but then stopped and turned around to say in an apparently serious look but with a shade of a teasing smile dancing at the corner of his mouth: “I’ll expect you’d put some presentable dress instead of those old jeans you’re wearing now.” Her eyes widened while saying: “My jeans are not…” He snapped before silently closing the door behind him: “Good night, Adams. Go home!”  She pressed her jaws hard together and threw her stapler strongly at the door to fall into three shattered pieces. She heard him giggling outside her office before the sound faded away. Why for God’s sake did he enjoy getting on her nerves that way?! And she turned stupid and speechless whenever they encountered each others. She could not act this idiotically. She will show him that she can be intelligent, charming, presentable and … she stopped and said to herself loudly: “Why the hell do I care for what he thinks of me?! I will completely ignore him the next time I see him and let him find some other idiot to feed his vanity and sarcasm on.” She raised her chin determiningly before noticing that her office still had his tantalizing smell. She snatched her purse angrily before saying: “I am going home.”


  1. Waiting eagerly for part IV :))

  2. Soon inshallah :) Thanks for visiting ya Bahaa :)

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