Posted by: Mermaid | December 29, 2007

Falling Into You (Part IV)

Some extreme measures had to be taken to relax her. Tonight, she was supposed to see him. Why can’t she just not go? No, she would go. And she’d pay him back for all the times he mocked her and made her look like an idiot. Her hot bath was much longer than the norm which made her feel relaxed afterwards. She lied in her large soft sofa most of the day doing nothing but reading and watching T.V. She did not want to go out in the morning or do anything from the household chores in order to look fresh and relaxed in tonight’s party. She took a deep breath while going through her tactics.

She ascended the few steps leading to the entrance of the mansion where the party was held. She admired the paintings on the walls of the wide corridor leading to the main hall. And there she entered into the semi-crowded place. She smiled dazzlingly when she noticed she actually turned a few heads around on the way to a circle of friends. She was wearing a long brownish golden dress that slid gracefully around her slim figure giving subtle hints of the soft curves of her body. A deep V bodice revealed a gold necklace with a pendant in the form of a shapeless dim yellow transparent stone that matched her small earings. She did not wear her hair up but let it flow generously to end mid way behind her back. While approaching her circle of friends, a colleague whistled before saying: “Lord, Faith! You look stunningly beautiful! Ma’am, let me admire your enchanting looks this evening.” And he theatrically bowed kissing her slim fingers. She laughed while saying: “Dave, stop it! Behave, young man! I am still your boss.” Dave drew closer while saying: “My younger boss! Why don’t we leave this boring party and have dinner some where … alone?” She smiled at him rebukingly and softly said: “You’ll never change! Shut up and let us enjoy the evening.”

She did not dare looking for him though she was dying to see if he was already there or not. As if her close female friend read her thoughts, she whispered: “Guess who’s here? It’s Cliff Darcy. That handsome giant! And women are hovering around him like butterflies. Did you hear he’s staying in our office for six months to give trainings?” She felt relieved and annoyed at the same time that he was around. “Yes, I’ve heard. Where is he, Liz?” Her friend looked around while saying: “He was just over there…mmm… God, he’s actually coming our way now! Do I look okay?” She ignored her friend’s question while hastily touching Dave’s arm before saying: “Care for a dance?” His face lit up while encircling her waist with his arm, “An honor, princess.” They moved to where some couples were slow dancing on the music of that small classic orchestra. She could see Darcy stopping mid way…frowning. She lifted her chin up triumphantly responding to the flirtious remarks of Dave.

She danced twice with Dave and then once with Charles, her boss. He was a friendly man in his early forties whom she considered also a friend. And then she was approached by a new colleague with interesting blue eyes, she thought. At the end of her fourth dance she found her partner staring at a point above her head before hearing the familiar coarse voice demanding: “This dance is mine.” Looking a bit frightened, her partner left before she turned around to look up at his cold face. She could notice there was an angry spark in his eyes he could not hide. She inhaled some air before saying: “I got really exhausted. And I do not feel like dancing any more.” She walked away leaving him standing there alone. She heard him cursing in a low voice but she felt awesome and strong.

The evening went smoothly with no more encounters between them. She paid him back. Then why the hell did she feel down? And why didn’t he try to approach her again? Well, someone like Darcy with ego as the size of Europe would not care to lay eyes on her ever again. Why did this realization sadden her that much? She felt chocked that she moved towards the empty grand veranda.

It was a bit chilly but she needed this cold breeze to freshen her flushed cheeks. The music sneaked out to the veranda and she felt lonely all of a sudden. She wrapped her arms around herself and looked up at the moonless sky. She closed her eyes and exhaled, thinking of the long, sleepless night ahead of her. “You still owe me a dance, Adams.” She turned around quickly letting her long hair fly around her head to rest upon her chest adding to her charming looks. She looked up at him and said defiantly: “I think I said I felt like dancing no more. Besides, I do not think you’d enjoy dancing with someone who gains her experience from self-development books instead of doing so first-handedly.” Her eyes were wide with sarcasm and challenge that vanished the moment he forcibly drew her in his arms before saying: “I admit you are a worthy rival, Adams.” He added softly, to her surprise: “And I do enjoy a lot of things. The question is, can you keep up?” She blushed while trying to free herself but he seemed to exert no noticeable effort to keep her in his embrace. Embrace? He was not holding her hand, but his arms slid possessively around her. She knew she could not walk over him this time. But still he could not just mock her whenever he liked and embrace her whenever he liked. she tried to be stiff and cold in his arms while dancing. He drew even closer whispering through her hair: “Relax, Adams, and enjoy the moment.” She could not resist his warm tone. She relaxed a bit trying to follow his steps. He rested his hard chin on her hair before saying: “You smell nice.” She raised surprised eyes to him. The expression on his face was different … it was… no, she did not want to know what it was. she rested her cheek on his shoulder before placing her hand on his chest. His muscles tensed for a moment then relaxed. She closed her eyes in disbelief. That cold statue holding her is actually responding to her touch. She felt perplexed … yet warm. She did not dare looking in his eyes for fear of what she’d see.  They kept dancing not feeling the passage of time. She knew she would have a sleepless night… but for another reason now. she shook her thoughts off enjoying the support and warmth his strong arms gave her, wishing the moment would last forever.



  1. كتاباتك وأدبك الأنجليزي رائع ….لو اني مش شاطرة في الأنجليزي ..لكن حاسه انك متمكنه بشده من السرد والوصف ونقل القارئء معاكي من ركن الى ركن….مدونتك جميله ومؤثرة يا ميادة …ولو كنتي بتكتبي ادب عربي ,كنت هقدر استرسل اكتر في رأيي …لكن انا مش شاطرة في الأنجليزي…عموما حسك الفني العميق والراقي بيجعلني التقي بيكي في محطة الأدب ولو أنك أفوي مني بكتيير……حبي وتقديري

    سميه سليمان

  2. Now, I’ve read the full story, and as often, Mayada’s runs quickly to “The End” in most of her works .. She is detailing her descriptions then suddenly the end comes; and that’s something I don’t like about her theme here .. the missing part of relief after climax of her plot. Besides, the scene details are more than enough in some places; they appear to be as if from a director’s point of view not a narrator’s one

    Yet I’d admit that the theme is somehow naturally inspired and looks like the saying (القط ما يحبش إلا خناقه); and Mayada’s way of writing is good and captivating both the scenes and the readers’ attention. The graded emotional-rising after (the long, sleepless night) is also counting for her capability of changing her horizons of writing.

    Mayada, according to my humble opinion, is a good writer who knows how to pour her feminine soul into her words. I just wish she inhales a little more patience to be able to take a longer distance in her narration technique. I assume “Falling Into You” would give her the motif to write longer ones either in English … or in Arabic.

  3. Thanks a lot ya Bahaa for the awesome criticism! I have to admit that yes I rushed events a little bit. I think I am still afraid of writing long pieces as I am used to writing only short ones. Maybe I should relax and explore this area.

    I am not done yet :) There is still another part to follow :)

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