Posted by: Mermaid | February 13, 2008

I Love You .. Every day :)

Some time ago, I used to still believe in St. Valentine’s day. But when I actually fell in love, the occassion started to lose its charm. Maybe because everyday was a celebration of love, having an occassion for it didn’t seem that much of an attractive thing. Think about it, don’t you love your friends and family everyday? Why should you wait for a day once a year to tell those you care for “I love you”?

I am not going to wait any longer… whoever see this post: I love you every day :)


  1. i love you too :)

  2. I love you more, Sola :)))

  3. Love .. Love .. Love

  4. *shower of love and kisses* ya Dido :D

    Thanks for the inspiration :)))

  5. I loved reading that! We’re on the same thinking tracks… when something is that good, and available all through the year, why limit it to just one day? :)

  6. True true ya D :)))

    Enjoy love every day :))

  7. Lots of love coming your way forever and ever ya rab :D
    Bossy I think sometimes we forget to tell people how much we love them, or at certain instances keda, we forget them aslan…fa mafish mashakel if that day is gonna remind us eno we must tell people we love them. Let’s admit that life is tough and we are bound to forget sending love vibes to our loved ones.

  8. Lots of love rushing into your life always ya Nerro :D

    Maho this is what I think should change; our being taken into this tough life that we forget those we love. Bedoon monasba, I sometimes tell my friends or sister “I love you”. Also I find some people keda getting me small gifts from time to time men gheir monasba. Believe me, the effect of an “I love you” or a gift bedoom monasba is MUCH heart-felt than that in St. Valentine’s day :)) I am not absolutely and completely against the day. I just want love to be more present in all our days… not just one day :)

    Love you… love you :)))

  9. You make the ultimate sense to me. Love doesn’t need a day to be celebrated. It is there everyday, may be we just take it for granted, when in fact we should value it everyday.

    Love you everyday baby.

  10. Exactly ya Jess … You perfectly got my point :) We should stop taking people and beautiful things in our life for granted.

    Thanks for visiting ya bent :)

  11. first of all ” i love you forever and a day” this is a quote that i have read before and i like it so much

    tany 7aga ala waheya el aham eny completely ma3aky qalban wa qaleban, the only diffrence is that i have never loved valentine’s day because i belive that Love is a very private and entimate feeling so why do i need to celeberate my love just like millions of people around the world. plus it used to be chocolate and flowers but it has turned to be very materialistic occasion and i just hate when i get a gift just because i have to get it, :(

    keep it up mermaid

    Love you

  12. I love the motto ya Willy :))

    Yes, lilasaf… if it were only chocolate and flowers, it would have been tolerable shewaya… but unfortunately, we’re told how to express our love by the media; “get your beloved so and so if you love her/him”… for God’s sake ya3ny!!!!

    People stopped thinking of intimate, personalized gifts because of the ready made gifts! Ya3ny I would prefer a collection of books I have not read, LOTS of chocolate, flowers, or a one-day trip just the two of us over a gift of a luxerious cell phone or fancy watch!

    Love you 4 kilo we nos :)))) (in my language, this is A LOTTTT) ;)

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