Posted by: Mermaid | March 16, 2008

My Skies :)





  1. oh my godness !!! This is breath taking ….
    wondefrul … سبحان الله

  2. YES ya Dido… shofty el sky is begad more than beautiful…. sometimes I freeze speechless in front of it :D

    By the way, I took most of those pics in Cairo… just one is taken in Abu Sultan.

  3. Lovely ya Mayada, absolutely amazing. Subhan Allah!

  4. Shofty ya D how much beauty we have around us yet we still complain that life is not beautiful? :)

  5. I love fiery skies ya Mayada :D

  6. Yes ya Nerro… they are stunningly beautiful! Sometimes you cannot believe the colors and shades in the sky!

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