Posted by: Mermaid | April 17, 2008

Happy Day



The long journey from home to work (and vice versa) allows me a great deal of time thinking of all kinds of stuff. Today, I was in a good mood looking forward to the weekend though it is going to be far from relaxing! But I was just in a good mood … having a friend in mind thinking how much I love her. Then all of a sudden some flaw in the car re-appeared though it was – supposedly – fixed yesterday! I felt down instantly, as if sliding uncontrollably down a very steep mountain. Coming to work and seeing some problematic issues, I felt more down. Then, hearing that my best friend (and boss) just came back from 3omra (small pilgrimage) I went to her floor as I was missing her tremendously. Her embrace was healing and lulling. Half of my burdens just slipped off my shoulders when I threw myself into her arms. Then hearing that another good friend is engaged, and another is pregnant, I felt intoxicated by happiness. Yes, I was not only burdenless, but I was also very happy :) Who said that even when we have our own problems we cannot be happy? When those we care for and love are happy, wouldn’t that be a great source of bliss? :)


Have a happy day :)



  1. I’m having an awful day :(

  2. Leih bass ya Sola? :) There must be something good around the corner… just keep your eyes open :)

    *a very tight hug*

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