Posted by: Mermaid | April 28, 2008

A Dry Mermaid

I sit on my beach chair. Shall I read now or just fill my soul with the sight of the sea that I miss the most? I look at my book; “The Mermaid Chair”… why does reading seem so insignificant when I am at the beach though it is one of the most important things when I am elsewhere? I cannot fight the temptation any longer; I put the book aside and reluctantly look ahead… deep into the sea… people become invisible and cannot cut my sight. I barely blink when I look at it; enough the time I waste when I am in the city… away from it. Do I want to go in there… let the young waves welcome my shaking feet? I … do … not want to! It is the first time I realize it… I do not … what… “like” or “bear” being “in” water? My best places are where there is water; waterfalls, seas, rivers…you name it. Why can’t I bear the idea of being soaked? Even when it rains, I love walking there but not till I am completely wet. Why does my whole body go stiff when water touches it? Why does it turn into high walls of a fort that has been built thousands of years ago yet just refuses to come down? When I take the courage and venture to step into a sea or a swimming pool, I am never relaxed or at ease… I am always alert… always … afraid! Afraid?! What do I fear? Dissolving? Letting go of the burdens… letting go of … me? Why?!

I am so … tired! I… need to … dissolve!



  1. Excuse me ..

    What kind of a mermaid are you !!

    A mermaid that don’t like soaking !! like a bird that don’t like air !!

    Please explain ..

    Do you know how to swim ba2a .. ??


  2. E7em… well, maho dah elly ana ba2olo :) I am a “dry” mermaid :)

    As for your last question, I swim 3ala khafeef :)

    One more embarrassing question and you are grounded for life :P

  3. Sacrifice
    General thought
    (they are just thoughts, not solutions)

    It seems so strange to see a dry mermaid, not only because that a mermaid’s life is related to water, but also because dryness is for those who live in a desert. So what a reader can feel when seeing these words? Has a mermaid left her natural envionment and choose to live in a dry place, i.e. desert? Or has she been emptied the feelings for the place, surroundings and those who share her bits of her outer life?

    لعل ما يميز كتابات ميادة والتى لا أزال أعجب بها فى أى موضوع كانت أنها بسيطة مثل بساطتها الشخصية وتعبيراتها تشبه تعبيرات الأطفال التى تنطق بما تهواه أنفسهم ولكن بصورة أنضج .. أو بتعبير آخر .. بتعبيرات قلب تملكه فتاة صغيرة وعقل امرأة خبرت الحياة سنين طوال وذاقت مرها قبل حلوها.

    فى قصة سابقة لها تحدثت ميادة عن بحارة يريدون غوايتها أو استدراجها كى تتنازل عن ذيلها كعروس بحر وتستبدله بقدمين ورأيت رفضها لأن تصبح منهم .. مثلهم .. واليوم هى فى حيرة وتردد كفراشة لا تدرى هل تبقى فى شرنقتها أم تفرد جناحيها لتنطلق لعالم أرحب وأكثر غموضاً.

    Most of Mayada’s latest works are about change, they are nothings but keys to (hard-to-open shell), they are HER ways to prove that she is capable to live out and exposed. As we see, she is sacrificing, she is trying to escape the labyrinth that separates head from heart .. she didn’t notice that “people become invisible and cannot cut her sight” and on the other hand, she is still hesitated to return to her real mermaid, she can not dissolve. She has chosen sensitivity to become her self-defense armour, forgetting that, sensitivity builds a prison In the final act, as the song says.

    إن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم

  4. Ya Bahaa :)

    I won’t comment on everything you wrote here but I just have to take off my hat for your insightful analysis and criticism :) (Not that it is true :P I won’t confirm or deny anything here :) )

    That old piece you refered to is one of my favorites actually; “I’m No ‘Little Mermaid'” :)

    Thank you! :)

  5. A very nice piece…and what is nice about it is the limitless possibilities arround trying to analyze why do u feel so towards the sea and ‘wetness’. I won’t bother you with lots of analysis though, but something that comes to mind fast is the limitations of life…ur life and the options the sea offers, the limitless options which ur afraid to assume :-)
    keep up the good work

  6. Hello Mazen :) It is always a pleasant surprise seeing a new name here among the commentators :)

    Analysis never bothers me :) On the contrary, it is always stimulating and thought-provoking.

    Yes, the sea can be the “indefinite” possibilities of life… but at the same time, it can offer “shaky, deceptive, luring” possibilities. It is, as you said, “limitless”… and the question here is: are we willing to give up the “solid”, “known”, “limited” for the “watery”, “unknown”, “limitless”?

    And YES, I am afraid!

  7. enty ro7ty el beach mn waraya ya doodz??? :P

  8. E7em…. well, agaza fel saree3 keda fe Alex ya Sola :D

  9. belnesba lel dry mermaid status…it is very valid…I mean getting soaked is very bad and when you get soaked and step on the ramla, it gets worse because u r soaked and sandy at the same time,,,,ewwwwwwww

    may be u should give up being a mermaid and try being a vampire like myself. We never get soaked and we can fly :D

    Ghandi the absurd

  10. I cannot believe you! :D Vampires are we7sheen… they live in the dark and drink blood :P

    Mermaids enjoy both days and nights :))

  11. I think this is a wonderful post. You certainly have the gift of writing. :D

  12. Thanks a lot, Jennifer for the nice feed-back and the visit :)

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