Posted by: Mermaid | April 30, 2008

Re-wind, Play, and Forward

Playing on with my mobile, I found out that the “forward” button is shaking… a bit worn out but still functioning. I checked the re-wind and play buttons and they were in tact and pretty good as new. Do I press the “forward” button much? Too much? I know I am strong and I can handle crisis well… move on with my life and move forward. But in being busy with moving forward, do I forget to press the play button? Do I live now? Or I live tomorrow? Do I look back and press the re-wind button sometimes … maybe to figure out why things went this or that way? To learn from my mistakes? Or I just get bitter and press “forward”? Will the button wear out eventually and drop dead?


May’s resolution (since it is too late for “New Year’s resolution!”): Press a little more of re-wind, A LOT more of play, and more reflectively on forward.



  1. have you watched the movie Click? howa da bezabt eli beye7salek :P hehe

    It’s human nature to always anticipate the future and question what tomorrow will bring. We keep looking for tomorrow and miss out on today.

    W 3ala ra2y el 7agga Oprah “Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.”

    May we all start living … NOW!! :D

  2. WOW … Bravo Mayada !
    This is a brilliant association … I liked the thoughts you captured and the way you presented them :) I believed in kaman …

  3. Ya Solaaaa :)

    La2, actually I haven’t watched that movie. Sometimes I believe I am going mad men kotr el tafkeer! Why does it have to be a human nature to live tomorrow and not today? Why are we that stupid?!

    I loved Oprah’s words! Very true… “each moment you breathe is a gift” :) El sett deeh sa3at beytla3 menha dorar :D

    Didozzz al 3azeema :))

    Rabena yekremek :)) Ana brilliant?! hatbawazy som3ety ya Dido :D

    Seeing your name here always makes me smile men el wedn deeh lil wedn deeh :D :D :D

  4. I just loved the way you linked your inner feelings with those buttons… It perfectly describes how we sometimes act towards life’s happenings…

    Lovely post ya Mayo…

  5. Rou al 3azeema :)

    I think we both tend to project our inner feelings and thoughts on el 7agat elly barra :)

    Thank, babe, for the lovely comment :)

  6. Mayada! You always say the right things at the right time! :)

    I am reading this book with a very similar interesting idea. It is called “the power of now”. Have u read it before? I am still in the opening chapters, however, it directed my attention towards the fact that I always either think abt the past or dream abt the future and lel asaf I always miss NOW.

  7. Ya salam ya salam … Rabena yekremek ya Ghandi :D

    Eda, seems like a very interesting book! Aywa fe3lan, we need to focus more on the NOW, take TOMORROW into consideration, and think reflectively about YESTERDAY!

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