Posted by: Mermaid | May 2, 2008

The Balloon

She looked at that balloon in front of her. Tens of creamy colours were mixing inside it in meaningless mazes. Hundreds of thoughts were racing within the fragile, rubber walls like wild horses. Hysteric laughs, screams, cries, and whispers mingled into a deafening echo. She sat back in her sofa watching the balloon… with all the raging entities inside it… the walls twisting and extending trying to keep up with the uncontrollable lives and deaths in its womb … the unborn corpses. With a cold look she stretched an indifferent hand to push it away from her bored sight. Her hand stopped mid-way when she realized, all of a sudden, that the balloon was her life.



  1. احيانا تكون حيواتنا بالونات..لا تمسكها يد..طافية في الهواء..متأرجحة يمنة و يسرة..و احيانا تلقيها العواصف في مسارات غامضة..او تقذفها الانواء الى المجهول

    هذه اول مرة اعلق هنا , ارجو ان تتقبلي مروري


  2. أهلاً وسهلاً بيكي يا عروية :)

    أنا متفقة معاكي إلى حد ما في اللي إنتي قولتيه! أحيانا بتكون حياتنا فعلاً يتطير في الهوا …. بس أحيانا بنبقى إحنا اللي ماسكين الخيط وممشينها.

    (: شكراً جداً على مرورك وتعليقك

  3. I love the new blog look..more sea-sish look keda….is it the summer look?

  4. I HATE summer ya Ghandy! It is just a Mermaid-ish, sea-ish look :) I love it too :)))

  5. A note: I envy your weekend..but yet i am inspired to do the same next thursday and friday!

    Can’t wait :D

  6. Ya Gjoe :)

    I have to admit I envy myself ;) I wish everybody would have such a wonderful w-e :)

    ENJOY to the BONE :D

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