Posted by: Mermaid | May 6, 2008

A Dialogue with Sola

Yesterday, I was feeling … nostalgic. Have you ever felt nostalgic to a person? I felt nostalgic to Sola (a.k.a Sally El Karamlawy)… my best friend who works in another country. I won’t write much in this post. Instead, I’ll let Sola talk through her e-mails:


Mermaid: I just miss you… I miss your hug the most! :( I am fine… I just miss you awy… I miss your physical presence! L


Sola: I miss you more walahi and I miss being in the office and walking around and saying hi to everyone and coming into your room and sit at Seesaz desk when she’s not there and complain that you guys are not giving me enough attention then a2oloko toz feeko and go back up to my desk :)


I miss our morning phone calls and I miss the morning hugs.  I miss picking up the phone early in the morning (when I’d actually show up before 9 am :D) knowing that you’ll be there as you’re probably the only person in the office who comes that early! :)


I miss our Saturday double movie outing.  I miss when you’d come over and we order a cheese lovers pizza with salami and mushroom, then eat, drink, laugh, and sometimes cry.


I miss that you understood something was wrong just when I came into your room and came to sit next you.  I miss the way we met in the play room when either of us was upset and just wanted to talk.


I just miss everything …


I try not to think of those moments because they break my heart.  I wish I could have you here with me to share everything.  I just miss you too :(


Mermaid: God… how come we did not enjoy enough every single moment we were together!!!


Sola: We never enjoyed enough every single moment because we never realized or thought that one of us would leave.  Although we never took each other for granted, but we took the moments we had for granted, thinking that we’d always be there and rather than spending more time we’d always postpone it for another day thinking that “oh she’ll be here tomorrow”


And in general, that’s how we go along living life, not necessarily taking things for granted (although many times we do) but not fully enjoying the moments we can have together whether family, friends, or colleagues.  We need to stop and think that maybe we’ll not be here tomorrow to enjoy these moments again.  Many times I wish that I’d go back in time to just relive the moments we had and really enjoy them … *sigh*


P.S.: Sola, I love you!



  1. Mermaid, it is in the air! I have the exact same feelings towards my sister and it is at its most nowadays!

  2. Mayada,

    I wouldn’t comment on anything ..
    I’d rather say THANK YOU, just for a simple reason; you gave me a wayout and a wayback at the same time. A wayout from those closed rooms of our lives. And a wayback to those unforgotten moments when innocence was our dominant feature.

    THANK YOU for that “room with a view” and for that “leisureliness of thoughts”.


  3. Ya Deee,

    Now that we are “aware” of it… let’s hope we’d act upon it :)


    You are most welcome :) Howa aktar “thank you” to Sola… she’s always inspiring :)

    I am glad you could move to this “room with a view” :)

  4. Hello

    I must say you are so lucky ..because you have such a friend , and u lived such unforgettable moments.. a lot of people don’t have either!!!so many people just wish to have this kind of feelings and experiences!!

    and I’m happy you have it

    Thank You

  5. Hey ya Oroba :)

    Thank you very much dear :) I do feel lucky for having Sola… she’s one of the blessings of my life :) And I am lucky for having those moments fe3lan… though not any more but at least I tasted how it feels being so close to someone like this :) el 7amdolillah :) I hope everyone would be blessed by wonderful people like Sola… and to experience all the good things in life together… ya Rab :)

    Thanks again, dear, for passing by and the beautiful comment :)

  6. Yeah! Nostlagia isnt what it used to be :D

  7. Explain more ya Ghandi :)

    I think we feel this nostalgia more than older generations… remember the quote about el 3’orba in Ra2ayto Ram Allah? I think nostalgia and 3’orab are two faces of the same coin!

  8. My dearest ever Mayo…

    I can’t start telling you the memory you brought back to me with this post… You just reminded me of my intimate friend Mona, and our days together in LinkDotNet…

    It’s very true that we take for granted those tiny little things that create together our daily life scenarios… and the funny thing is that what we miss the most about some people later are actually those tiny little things, not anything else…

    Things like the morning Nescafe in the eating area…

    Things like the walk to Metro market at least once a day to bring something to eat, or even to just have a walk…

    Things like the meaningless wicked smile that used to find its way to the corner of my mouth every time I understood a hidden meaning in a normal conversation, then turns with a look to Mona and see in her smiling eyes that she got the same meaning too…

    Things like writing Mona something on an msn chat, then moving back with my chair to have a view of her facial expression while reading what I wrote…

    Things like the everlasting hysterical laughs in those nights we had to stay working late…

    On my last day there, Mona told me something that rang as a bell into my mind and touched me so… Although that was a year and a half ago, but I still remember her exact same words… she said that it hurts to realize that this is the last cup of Nescafe we’ll make together…

    And as the day passed I thought… that it simply hurts to realize that every moment passed by me that day was unique, priceless and invaluable… even if that moment was as tiny as an unnoticed smile at the corner of my mouth…

    Mayo, Nostalgia is not only for places… it’s for your past in general… it’s for people, things, places, emotions, feelings, passion… for even yourself and the way you used to be… and for every single thing that affected your life in some way or another…

    They say that “Good-byes make you think… They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost and what you’ve taken for granted…”

    Nostalgia does the same too…

    Isn’t it true…?

    Thanks for the “esteba7a” :)

    p.s. I Love you! :)

  9. My lovliest and closest Rou ever :))

    Am glad the conversation stirred some beautiful others inside you :) God bless our most precious friends! :)

    Would’ve loved to see you and Mona in this MSN tale ;)

    And very true what you said that nostalgia is for places, people, emotions…etc. and for… me … yes… the old me!

    Can we feel nostalgic to the future?


  10. Nostalgia isnt wat it used to be is ta3beer sa’ basically says eno el nostalgia mab2tsh zay zaman aw zay el awel….wel nostalgia ma3naha el 7aneen ila el maddy aw ila zaman….fa lama a2ool da el 7aneen maba2sh zay zaman…hena ba2a teb2a el mofarqa….

    tan tarra ra tan tan

  11. Ghandi… enty konty sharba eih? :P

    Ya3gaz 3aqly el sagheer 3ala edraak al ma3na al kabeer fe kalamek above :)

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