Posted by: Mermaid | May 17, 2008

Down the Road

She stopped the car before saying with a big smile: “voila, monsieur! Next time, I’ll charge you for my driving services.” He looked at her bright face before teasing: “You will always be at my service whenever I need you. Why do you think I have you as my friend?” She gently hit him on the shoulder before saying laughingly: “I’ll kill you for this.” He laughed out loud trying to protect his shoulder from her small fist: “Kidding… kidding. Come on, it is ridiculous going to that concert in two cars when we live just a few miles away from each others. I promise next time I’ll pick you up”. “Deal then” she said with the same cheerful smile but with some throbbing vein beside her right eye. Her tone was a bit different. He knew her quiet well for years that he could instantly notice the slightest change in her tone… smile… or even wandering stare. She has not been herself the last few months. He tried to know what was wrong but she would just evade the question. He dismissed the idea and just dismounted after wishing her a good night.


Before opening the gate to his small garden surrounding his house, he heard her car door close. He turned around to find her approaching. He looked at her before asking with concern: “Is everything okay?” She pushed her hair away from her round face before saying with a shaking voice: “Oh, yes… yes… it is just … there is something I need to tell you. It has been going on for some time and I did not know what to do with it. It is probably silly and I shouldn’t spill it out like this… but you know your stupid friend.” She laughed nervously before sighing and looking up to his face. “I love you.” His eyebrows rose and he opened his mouth but no sound came out. “Listen, you do not need to… I mean… you do not have to say… what I want to say is… Do not say a word! I know that this might blow up the wonderful friendship we have… but I just had to tell you… how I feel.” She did not wait for him to utter a word, instead she just returned to her car, turned around to look at him for a few moments before waving: “Bye!”



He picked up the phone almost two hours later replying with a sleepy voice: “Hello!” He heard a crying female voice but could not distinguish a single word among all those mixed tears. “I am sorry, I cannot hear a word. Who is this?” He could hear his friend’s sister saying among her tears: “It’s me! There has been an accident down the road…”




Special thanks to Ahmad Badawy for suggesting changes in the ending.


  1. Hello

    How sad!!!

    why is it always..(or at least most of the time) our precious and beautiful feelings what we hide..or sometimes bury!!!

    why is it so difficult to show those eminent valuable affections!!!

    why should those emotions be the source of suffering and not joy as they are supposed to be??!!

    and for God’s sake ..why should there be an accident after every such story!!!!!!

    Sorry for the bad english

    Thank You

  2. Yes, it is sad… but… at least, she could spill it out. It was not too late for her. She did speak up before it’s too late. It is fine to keep our feelings for ourselves for a while … reflecting upon them. The important thing is not to take the step “too late”!

    “Why it is so difficult to show those eminent, valuable affections?” Good question! Maybe because humans are stupid… they do not appreciate “valuable affections”…. instead, there have to be complications, arguing, maneuvers.

    There is an accidenet, true! But there is no certain “death”. “You” write the end of the story in your imagination…. :)

    Your English is just very good :)

    Thanks, dear, for the stimulating comment!

  3. She should’ve stayed there till she got a reaction from him. So many times we just throw out words and give ourselves the right to walk away without hearing the other person. If you get the courage to speak out your feelings, then do your yourself a favor and go all the way giving the other person a chance to speak and hear what they’ve got to say.

    Communication is a 2 way street. You might not like what’s being said, but that’s a risk of putting yourself “out there”.

    Whatever his reaction might be, it would’ve been best for her to get some closure AND if she was indeed in that accident, the few minutes she would have waited for his reaction could’ve changed both their destinies.

    My two cents :)

  4. Ya Sola :))

    I do understand your point… I am actually for it very much more than the heroine’s action. I liked awy “communication is a two-way street” :)

    But on the other hand, maybe she was afraid… of his reaction… maybe she did not want to pressure him that he “had” to say something then… maybe she wanted to give him more time to think. But, do we always have this luxury of having more time?!

  5. Down the Soul

    I’m not obliged at all to comment on this piece, but I should.
    In animal world, some species got dead after they mated or after the female laid eggs, strange isn’t it? I’ve always conceived this operation as if they’ve reached the ultimate happiness after throwing away the burden they once held or kept.

    And .. here we are .. so smoothly driven to the ‘big bang”, to the moment of Reveal and Relief, and to the … “but I just had to tell you… how I feel.”. till the sudden change of fortune happens when the mention of an accident comes. There is no word about death or injury .. but there is a hint of misfortune, of agony and of pain.

    As you may observe of above paragraph, I haven’t come to utter the word (love) for a purpose, love is an aid, a person’s third hand. Whenever we couldn’t use it to help us living or get the real of it .. we become like the Nile, either floods or gets wasted in the sea.

    In a previous criticism, I’ve said that Mayada is a victim of her heart; that’s because she thinks that she dominates her heart, but on every piece she writes, I see that she is a slave to her heart.. and I think this is the tax a romantic soul pays when heart and mind can not be friends.

    Mayada, thank you for taking me in a ride down the .. soul.
    But forgive me saying .. I couldn’t have enjoyed it .. for .. soft breeze and green shades are disguising the bloody rains pouring down from the sun-setting sun.

  6. Bahaa,

    I liked the reflective analysis a lot – as usual :) Fresh with philosophical shades.

    P.S.: The heart is learning to let the mind lead because it is safer this way. I know none would get full control over the other… but at least there should be a leader.

  7. I second Sola’s opinion, she shouldn’t have left without a solid answer a yes or no. At least she wouldn’t have died with a what if question.

  8. Wana kaman I second your and Sola’s POV :) Ana mesh 3arfa my heroines beyetsarafo men dema3’hom keda ezay ;)

  9. actually if I was her I wouldn’t risk asking the question, cause I know, I’ve been there b4, it was not the same case, but yeah I lost a dear friend, it was so dear that it’s still aching after 8 years, just knowing she is there, & I can’t talk 2 her & ask about her,
    a male point of view,
    That was my only cent left:)

  10. Sometimes we have to risk things to get greater things ya Omar :) Though we know that in the process we might lose a lot… but still… we just cannot bear the weight of “what if”!

    I believe true emotions (not crushes!) should not be hidden… specially if there is a chance.

    I am sure you still have many cents left bass you do not want to reveal that 3ashan el 7asad :P

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