Posted by: Mermaid | July 9, 2008

50 First Dates



Two days ago, I watched 50 First Dates, staring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. A very funny movie that kept me well entertained in my birthday :) No need to mention the exceptional performance of both stars, and the breath-taking setting. This romantic comedy has a very new, unexplored idea; a guy likes a girl who has no short-term memory, and thus, he has to win her love every single day. Imagine having a fresh memory everyday, imagine exploring your partner everyday… appreciating everything in him/her over and over again. Every kiss is the first kiss … every look is the first spark!


On another note, I kept sighing, thinking of all the efforts he did to win her heart every day. How willing he was to go the extra mile… how persistent he was thinking of creative methods… going out of his way everyday to make her give him that special smile! We miss that, don’t we, girls? ;)


  1. ana ba7ebb el film dah :) we ba7eb Adam Sandler bardo ! we tab3an tab3an Drew Barrymore ..

  2. It was the firs time to watch this movie… and I just liked it awy ya Dido bardo :)

  3. Mayada, one of my favorite movies.. in a “7azena elhebaab” sense, and I just love Adam Sandler, he’s really light keda.. even though his head is shaped like an egg!:)

  4. Ya Deee :) Tayeb leih 7azeena sense? If you mean coz there are no persistent men, then I agree (sigh)!

    Sandler 2abda3 fel movie dah :))

  5. و هل تظنين انه يوجد اشخاص هكذا فعلا….ليس عندنا..فالجواب واضح وضوح مؤلم..و لكن عند الاناس الاخرين ..في البلاد و الثقافات المختلفة..هل تتواجد هكذا شخصيات و قصص فعليا؟؟

  6. An honest answer, No!

    There might be persistent men… but not that much and they are almost rare!

  7. مش عارفة يا عروسة البحر
    بس مش عارفة ليه مش بحب الرجل اللى بيجرى ورا الواحدة
    يعنى مش حاسة إنى محتاجة الحالة

    بس كويس.. الأفلام بتبقى حلوة لتضييع حبة وقت.. إنما تفتكرى ممكن نستمتع بها لو كانت حقيقة؟

    ممم… بوجه نظرى المتواضعة.. أعتقد لأ.. ح نتخنق بسرعة

    شخصية خنيقة مش كدة?

  8. If someone sees that this other is “the ONE”, shouldn’t s/he pursue that one? Is life about:
    -Hey, why don’t we hook up together?
    -Nah, I don’t think so!
    -Cool! Bye!

    It is not “gary wara 7add”… it is about pursuing what you want and what you think is worth the while :)

    Not a shakhseya khanee2a at all tab3an :) Just a different point of view :))

  9. eh ya lasto dah !!
    dah a7la haga el ragel ely beyegry wara wa7da
    :( za3alteeeny !

  10. LOL…. olilha ya Dido olilha :D

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