Posted by: Mermaid | July 16, 2008

مواصفات شريك حياتك … عاملة إزاي؟



الراجل: عايزها عين زرقاء، وعين خضراء، ملفوفة في فيونكة، بتتكلم 45 لغة، وياريت يكون فيه نجمة فوق حاجبها الشمال. ومافيش مانع لو عليها شوية بندق.


البنت: يكون رومانسي ويقعد يحب فيّا ال 24 ساعة، بيشتغل مدير، بعربية ستة متر، يكون عنده شنب وأكتاف رشدي أباظة وعيون حسين فهمي وشعر أنور وجدي.


العبدة لله: لو تفكير الناس بالشكل ده، أنا كده فُلة … مش عايزة أتجوز!



  1. ooooh daaah 2smo 2ktebaaaas, u have to mention that el7eta 2le belbondo2 deeeh beta3tee 2ana :)

  2. LOL…. e7med Rabena enny I did not mention mawdoo3 el laban :P

    Mashy ya Bondo2 beih :P

  3. to wrap this up
    kol wa7ed beyakhod 3aks ma howa 3ayez as if it is like a punishmed for imagining how you would want your partner to be.
    teegy keda troo7y keda heya bateekha yama ;) we enty we bakhtek ba2a

  4. LOOOOL @ batee7’a ya Willy :D

    Bass at least aim to have good and realistic “qualities” of your life partener… mesh sha3r we 2ossa!

  5. Mawdoo3 el 3een elzar2a wel 3een el khadra da fakarny be film “Practical Magic”, when she made an impossible spell keda for an imaginary man so as never to fall in love… :)

    Enty keda folla ya mayo men ghier 7aga :)

  6. LOL… Rabena yekhaleeky ya Rou :D Da enty elly folla we warda :D

    I like el movie dah :)

  7. hahaha .. no wonder they never meet! :D

  8. Ahlan wasahlan ya Rhythms :)

    Belzzabt!!! That’s why they never meet!

  9. lazem yekoon:

    1-A wizard enrolled in Hogwarts school of witchcraft (the school harry potter goes to).

    2-An active member of the mutant community (same like wolverine in x-men)

    3-Has a web in his wrists just like spiderman

    4-Does not turn into a werewolf in full moon

    fair enough?

  10. LOOOOLL ya Ghandi :D Sooooo “YOU” :D

    For a second keda I thought if I want a Merman…. bass, actually no… I want a simple human who adores the sea as much as I do!

  11. I will not say any thing about her .. every man knows enough – by instinct – what constitute a “mozza” ..
    As for him ..

    1. “Shanab” is no longer cool .. besides .. it tickle her when they kiss.

    2. A 6 meter car will not handle very well .. meaning he wont be able to take “3’oraz” on the ring road so she can be afraid and through herself on him.

    .. Finally .. who’s Abaza, Fahmy, and Wagdy guys ?? now there is a “Timber … “ 7aga and Brad bnt ..

    Just a thought .. I must be getting too old ..

  12. What I meant by the guy’s mowasafat in his future wife was not the “babe” (I don’t like “mozza”!) qualities but rather a mix of the impossible and tailored qualities.

    Another note, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU :)

  13. Hello,

    I just wonder if Glimmerman is serious!!!

    and ..i want to ask him and other guys..maybe someone of you can explain to me where does the word “mozza” come from??? and i hope they be generous enough to tell us what “constitute” a one!!!

    I’m sorry..I know it is not the point of the post..but it is important and good to know and understand..right???


  14. It is definitely good to understand … bass I actually consider the word “mozza” a degrading one. It turns women into mere flesh!

    Rodd ya ostaz Ahmad :P

  15. Dear “3oroboa”

    After serious technical research .. I came to the conclusion that the word “mozza” originated in the 20th century from the tasty cut of veal meat .. a “mooza” .. the word developed in it’s current acoustic form “mozza” (with a hard Z) during the use in Cairo secondary school system .. then it moved with the generation to the university and then to the society in general .. although there is other words that convey the same meaning (Lahtet 2eshta, saroo7’ , Tal2a, Ew3a weshak .. etc ) .. the word “mozza” took the top place as the most common/used word to describe a hot/sexy woman.

    As for what Constitute a “Mozaa” – I now have to turn serious – it’s difficult to quantify .. because it differ wildly from one guy to another .. based on character, education, family history, sexual deprivation level and IQ ..
    There is what we (men) call an “Absolute Mozza” .. where no 2 guys will ever disagree (like Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek or Charlize Theron, etc .. ) .. the general female population fall into the general qualifying principal of “Foola” ( kol folla weleeha kayal) ..

    I know this is not the definitive answer you were looking for .. but it’s really impossible to clean-cut-define it .. it’s in every man’s genes .. we see a woman and immediately (as a natural reflex) knows if she’s a Mozza or not ..

    Mermaid ..

    It is an objectifying look to women .. I agree .. but not in a racial way .. we simply can’t help it .. this is how a man is wired .. just like women are wired for Nakad, shopping and Ra3’y we seret el nass .. a man see’s a woman and the very first thing that pops in his head is her degree on the mozza scale .. it doesn’t matter if the man is a collage professor or a “Karro” driver .. it’s much like how we feel heat and cold .. hunger and fatigue .. a natural thing ..


  16. Hello,

    First of all ,Thank you very much for your answer , it really helps in drawing a clearer picture of how things are. is about the physical appearance of a woman …if a girl takes a bad degree on the “mozza scale” as you call it ,no one would want to get closer to know the real her..her personality..right???

    isn’t it possible that the scale some guys use to determine who is “mozza” and who is not not physical shape but other criterions..or no chance for that…since all guys are “wired” in the same way???

    “a man see’s a woman and the very first thing that pops in his head is her degree on the mozza scale .. it doesn’t matter if the man is a collage professor or a “Karro” driver” ..thats what you wrote….but can you please tell us what is the difference between the collage professor or a “Karro” driver then???

    mmm…I can see you have a very negative image about women..since nakad , shopping ,namima is all what you see about them!!! (hope you don’t consider this last comment as an example of al-nakad)!!

    again..thanks for your answer and patience too

    lets wait to see what Mermaid will say about this!!

  17. Why would any woman want to be classified as a “mozza” or a “foola” or anything asasan?!

    With all due respect, those who classify women are themselves showing a high tendency of narrow-mindedness and fear to be challenged by a woman’s intelligence, self confidence, and success.

    And for those women who like to be classified, sorry girls, but you’ve took your first step to a life of being a mere “object”.

    Didn’t we ever stop to think that we’re all created by THE Almighty? Who gave us the right to define who’s “pretty” or not? I’m sure that He never intended that the “natural” thing for men, as glimmerman mentioned, is to rate women on a “mozza” scale.

    All women (and men) are beautiful, inside out; maybe on varying levels, but beauty is there. Now if you want to limit yourself and “disregard” a person because of the way they look, it’s only your loss as you’ll probably be missing out on getting to know a great person. This goes for both women and men.

    And if indeed a professor and a karro guy are equal and think alike, then I can confidently say the species of “real” men has gone extinct!

    My 2 cents :)

  18. I was about to write a LONG reply before seeing Sally’s comment… now I guess I won’t say a word. VERY well said and expressed ya Sola :)

    And I am stressing Oroba’s point on your (ya Ahmad) strange POV of women that they’re wired to nakkad, shopping and namima. Of course those stuff are there, but not SOLELY there… there is also self improvement (including education and careers), care for others, social life…etc.

    Bass keda… :)

  19. Mermaid, 3oroba and Sally ..

    I tossed a big rock in the pond .. didn’t I ..

    Well .. I’m happy to see that I’ve poked the nest of some very smart girls .. accomplished and successful too ..

    Ladies .. I’m not the enemy here .. I’ve tried with some humor to touch a very sensitive subject ..

    I’ve agreed with Mermaid that most men have an objectifying / degrading look to women .. the emphases here on MOST .. I’m sure that each one of you can easily draw a list of men who don’t have this look to women, who are compassionate, understanding, respectful or outright feminists .. but no matter how long is your combined list .. what about the rest of the odd 40 million men in the country .. not talking about the rest of the 500 million Muslim men who actually believe that women are “less in mimed and religion” !!, created for men’s pleasure and if a man do well and kill somebody he’ll get 70 of them .. virgins and all !!

    I was just laying out what you all know .. we live in a retarded masculine society that degrade women by default .. a woman will have to work twice as hard as a man to get half the credit .. this is a daily process that I’m sure each of you can write a book about ..

    I’m not trying to defend myself here .. I don’t have a “very negative image about women” as 3oroba put it .. Mermaid knows me a bit better and I hope she can vouch for me .. but I’m a man among men and I know how they think .. ask any man, married or in a relationship to define his relation with his woman or women in general and you’ll get those 3 things on top of every reply .. nakkad .. shopping and nameema ..

    As for the “mozza scale” being a “physical shape” evaluation .. I sorry .. but this the truth .. plane and simple .. and all of you ladies knows exactly what I mean .. you walk down a street or in a mall and you can feel the eyes on you .. sizing you up form head to toe and you can hear the sick minds hard at work imagining how well you might fare in bed .. and as I said .. based on “character, education, family history, sexual deprivation level and IQ” .. you’ll get a degree on the mozza scale ..

    “We are all created Equal” .. “All women and men are beautiful” .. Sally .. this is great .. but unfortunately it has nothing to do with how our society works ..

    Finally, Mermaid .. success, intelligence, education, self improvement, professional careers .. all of which are fine and I’m sure some or all of which are in every woman .. but my dear friend .. none of the items on this list pops in a man’s head when he sees a woman .. maybe after he talks with her and get sometime to get to know her he start to notice those things .. but I’ve never heard of a man who sees a woman for the first time and thinks how smart this one is .. or how successful, educated, accomplished or any of that .. walking with my friends .. we go by a group of women .. do you really expect one of them to say “Look .. look how self improved this mozza” !! sorry .. it doesn’t work this way ..

    I’m sorry I took so much space in your blog ..


  20. Ya Sayed Ahmad.. you can take as much space of my blog as you want.. you’re most welcome :)

    As for the above, yes, I know you a bit better… that’s why I was shocked at your words about that “mozza” thing! I want you to write with “your” tongue… not “most” men’s tongue.

    What’s with “and if a man do well and kill somebody he’ll get 70 of them .. virgins and all !!” Are we taking about martyrs here? If yes, then you know me MUCH better … when you start talking religion, put on your shield and helmet :) And why did you specify 500 “Muslim” men here? I think we should be talking about the orient rather thar Islam. It’s the mentality of el ragel el shar2y that does not do women justice… NOT Islam!

    Btw, I do not have to work twice as hard as a man in order to be acredited for my work. I am well perceived and appreciated at my work place by both men and women.

    When you ask a married man about his wife and those three things you specified pop up, does this mean that those are the most dominant features of women or that men are narrow minded and can see only negative things?! I wonder!

    I agree with you that no man would say “look how intelligent this woman is!” when he sees her for the first time. But NOT everyone would have this “mozza scale” (which has clear sexual connotation) in mind. Yes, physical appearance would pop up most of the times but this can come as “she’s beautiful,” “Cute,” or even “not bad!” Ya3ny, yes, men might say a comment related to the woman’s appearance but not necessarily having in mind any sexual thoughts! And I am not talking about a few men here… I know LOTS of men who think this way.

    Soryy for the long reply :) I restrained myself as much as I could :P

  21. Hello,

    Just a note 3al mashy kida:

    Mermaid , your friend here says that this is how men are “wired”..that means it is their nature, it is in their other is not in their hands…am I right sir??

    but if this is the case, then you can’t blame orient , or masculine society , or islam or any other religion or ideology , you can only discuss psychology of male ..since it is about the male and how he looks to the female , regardless if they were in Europe , America , Middleeast , Asia or even the jungles

    but..can you blame men if that is how they are wired???!!!!

  22. Men are not Wired, we are just men, looking for beauty.
    yes beauty,,,
    What is beauty?
    I think this thing is a personal opinon.
    May be this could be the “MoZZa thing”, may be how smart the girl is, may be …. lots and lots of things.
    but still the fact is we look after beauty.

  23. Karim,

    I use the word “beautiful” a lot… but I always mean “what’s inside”. From my “pleasant” encounters with men, they tend to think only of physical “beuaty”, with very few exceptions! And this is exactly what Glimmerman was talking about!

    If you’re thinking of “inner” beauty, good for you! Are you?! :P

  24. 3ala fekra ya Mayada mesh 7ate2dare testafezeneeee,
    by the way, elbondoq daaah momken yeb2a Inner bardo, bas 3alashan 2nto ya banaat (some not all) betfakaro that all men are seeking physical beauty is all what we are after.
    bas sada2ene inner beauty is more important but elmoshkela kolaha that the inner beauty is hidden behind the outter beauty (balash physical deeh),
    so if some girl is repulsive because how she LOOKS like (out side ya3ni) so men will note be intrested in her, but if they already knew each other (they work in the same place for example) so men will have a chance to know her inner beauty, then he will judge her now depending on her inner beauty.
    This is also visa versa, if a girl looks great from out side, then after knowing her inner side, she could be MORE repulsive.
    In my personal opinion a beauty of a girl can only be judged after knowing her personality + how do I react when I see her (outer view). so at the end its (Inner + Outer),
    That’s mean ya Mayada that (elbondoq) still plays a roll in the equation (don’t denay that).

  25. I can’t imagine that 3 sentences sparked this long and controversial conversation, but I enjoyed it all! Thanks to Doodz (Mermaid) who triggered it.

    This debate can go on forever, but the fact is it is very simple…
    Men are born with the instinct to be attracted to Womens beauty (physical first) and Women are born with the instinct to want to look beautiful. This is how we were created, to start the attraction between both genders.

    Bas ya gama3a, it is not black an white, there is more to it than that .. we are sophiticated creatures, so these are general factors but not the only.

    Men are more rational and women are more emotional, but it doesn’t mean that men have no emotions or women do not use thier minds.

    Lets face those facts rather than be defensive. We have to admit men are usually attracted to the physical beauty first …

    i know for us girls, it is disappointing to think we are objects of scrutiny and evaluation, but men have the instinct to do that (on the physical beaty scale), at least when they first see us, before getting to know us. And if we don’t believe it then we are lying to ourselves.

    It is sad but true!


  26. Yahhh… ya khosara ya Karim… kont 3ayza astafezak :P

    Ya 3azizy, my point is: if you meet two girls; the first cross-eyed and the second has beautiful, wide blue eyes, and in terms of personality, the first is everything you want in your woman adn the second is just aweful, and let’s say you just met the two girls; ya3ny you don’t know about their “inner beauty”. What will happen in your opinion? You’ll dismiss the first automatically and then when you get to know the second and find out she’s not what you want, you’ll dismiss her bardo. El kholasa (to you and to other men), give yourself the time to get to know the girl regardless whether she has bondo2 marshoosh 3aleiha wala la2 ;)

    The equation you provided is perfectly fine … beshart en el “outter” beauty should not be the SOLE madkhal lil inner beauty. ya3ny, you should not have this motto of “if she’s beautiful, I’ll use the equation… if not, then let’s try someone else!”

    Ya MOONZZZ, eih el nour dah? :) You know me, amoot fel controversies ;)

    Everything you said is “zein we 3aal el 3aal”. I do admit that men are attracted to the looks.. but what I am HEARTILY refusing is to have the looks as the main factor or madkhal to judging the girl… or even as a decisive factor if the man would go on and get to know the girl or not.

    Fe3lan… sad but true! :(

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