Posted by: Mermaid | July 24, 2008


(: عروسة البحر رايحة البحر


  1. Aaaaaaaaah the all awaited 2 weeks (or 3 if u’re lucky :P) where you forget work and all the burdens it brings (and forget cairo we za7metha) and head to the beach where you slab on some decent spf, lay on the beach with your pina colada in one hand and the latest paulo coelho in the other, and you let the waves carry away your stress, exhaustion, and worries!

    *me daydreaming*

    No summer vacation for me this year :'(

    Enjoy ya doodz the beach and get some sun and sand for me while you’re there :D


  2. E7em e7em… :)

    Ya Solaaaa… I went to the beach this morning after el fagr keda and you were soooo much on my mind :))) Wish you were with me begad!

    And it’s just one week vacation… and Alex is not that empty… za7ma bardo… not like Cairo to be honest. And there’s no pina colada here :( Sorry for distroying the image you had in mind (sigh). I wish it were as beautiful as you portrayed it!

    I couldn’t stay long away from cyber life :) Am posting something now :) Read and tell me what you think :)))

    Miss you moooot :)

  3. Enjoy aktar 7aga :)

  4. Merci ya Nerro ya Folla enty :D

  5. مممم….البحر..و القعدة على الشاطيء..و الرمل و الهوا و المية…حاجات لا اعرفها للاسف الشديد..و من الامور التي ارغب ان اعيشها يوما ما

    لكني استطيع ان ارى ان هذه احدى الاشياء التي تعطيك بهجة في الحياة..لذا اتمنى لك وقتا طيبا..مليئا بالمتعة..و تجديد الذات!!!!

    و ابقي احكيلنا.. يعني ايه انك تكوني على البحر..ماشي؟؟


  6. عقبالي يارب:)

  7. Oroba,

    A piece inspired by el “2a3da 3al ba7r” is coming sooon ;)


    Ya Rab :D

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