Posted by: Mermaid | August 12, 2008

Mermaid by MEME :D


A MUCH appreciated and loved gift from MEME (a.k.a. May Mohamed) :D




  1. Eih El-Gamaal dah????
    hwa ana 2zay gamda kida :D
    soon ISA i will do a better colored big one for a7la Mermaid fi eldonia… :)
    bas sebek anty ya Dudes…ana fanana gamda awi bardo…

    love you “ME”

  2. Ya ME :D

    I can never thank you enough for this gift :) Enty fanana gamda gedan gedan gedan :D

    I’ll wait for the colored one ba2a ;)

    Love you MORE :D

  3. LOVELY! :))

  4. Shofty ya Rou :)))))

    It IS :D

    BRAVO MY li’l Monkey!

  6. مرحبا

    جميلة بالفعل

    انت حواليك ناس فنانين بجد..و يعرفوا ازاي يشوفوا الجمال و يصوروه…و يرسموه

    يا بختتتتتتتتتتك


  7. Ya Moonz,

    Shofty el monkey bentek 3amalet eih? :D

    Oroba :)

    I am blessed fe3lan for being surrounded by those great friends :D El 7amdolillah! Thank you, dear!

  8. 7elwa awi :D
    teslam eid Meme

  9. Teslam 3oyoonek ya Nerro :D

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