Posted by: Mermaid | September 14, 2008

Be Positive!

I do not intend by this post to stain the reputation of any company in favor for another. My sole aim is to encourage us to be positive and proactive.


The story begins when I found out that MobiNil has been over-charging me for my mobile bill for seven months because of a mistake done by their Customer Service Representative (CSR). Before taking any reaction, the CSR assured me that she already informed the Operations that there was a case here and I’d be compensated. Calling a few days later to follow up on my case, I found out that another mistake was done and I’d be charged for NOT what I asked for. AND the compensation I’d receive would be only for my last bill regardless of the rest of the wrongly-calculated bills. I informed them that they were the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in terms of Customer Service, that they were unprofessional and unfair.  It was time to take an action. I’ve been a loyal MobiNil customer for over 7 years with the very same mobile phone number, but I decided to move on to Vodafone, hoping I’d receive a better service. Luckily, I found out that I can still keep my number and I’d have only to change the operator.


Please, please, please, when you receive bad service/products, do not be tolerant unless you’re compensated either morally by a sincere apology or financially. Do not be mild with incompetent, lazy or indifferent employees. Only through claiming our right of good service/products, the quality issue we are suffering from here in Egypt will disappear. Thank God we have several options of service providers and producers. Show your dissatisfaction whenever there’s an issue and do something! Be POSITIVE!



  1. yaaaay for vodafone :P makan mn badry!! :P

    i agree that we have to be proactive when there’s an issue and show our dissatisfaction and demand our rights in quality service/products, because if you don’t do that then most if not all companies would simply tell you something be ma3na “ekhbaty demaghek fel 7ait cuz everyone gets mistreated we sakteen”

    the buzz in the market now is all about customer loyalty. keep your customer happy and provide them with quality service/products, and you’ll ensure a life-time relationship. Mobinil missed out on an element and ended up losing a customer. How much would it have cost them to just reimburse you for the mistake they’ve done? Well compared to the business they would’ve got out from you it’s definitely a measly amount!

    i think most organizations in Egypt lack the long term view and benefit of customer loyalty. They mostly concentrate on gaining profit, now. If only they knew that a loyal customer ensures a certain amount of profit. It’s gonna take Egyptian corps some time to catch on to that. In the meantime, we have to make our voices heard and demand quality!

    i remember when i was in canada i’d bought a faulty product and only got back to returning it like after 2 weeks (lazy me :P). And the store took it back no questions asked and were happy to do so! No disgruntled employee ye2oly malo el product maho zay el fol aho we msh hanraga3lek your money! Organizations in the western world have caught up on how valuable it is to keep your customer happy.

    i just recently bought a mobile phone and after taking it home i realized that the battery door was not closing properly. So the next day I took the product back to the store and the guy was like “just go to our engineer at this address and he’ll fix it for you”. So we2eftelo fe nos el ma7al we kan na2es alem el nas w oltelo “la2aaaaaaa w ana leh akhod 7aga msh mazboota!! absat shee2 now enak teghayaro b wa7ed geded” i think el ragel khaaf wala 7aga so he changed it for me with a new one :D now i had the option of just going along with what he said and accept the faulty phone, or stand up for my right and demand a good product! Standing up might not always work in the beginning cuz you’re trying to change a mindset, but it’ll get your voice across and organizations will start catching on to customer needs.

  2. Do not be tolerant !!
    Do not be mild !!
    Claiming our right !!
    Show your dissatisfaction !!
    Be POSITIVE !!
    Be patient… konn 7aleeman :)

    Welcome to Vodafone :)

  3. Ya Sola… ana 3arfa that this post will echo 3andek gedan coz I know you’re a positive, proactive person :D

    I DO agree with everything you said. What is more serious than companies’ being lazy in offering bad quality service and products is the customers’ being okay with whatever given them.

    Now, I am checking where I can tell someone in MobiNil who “listens” about what happened, hopefully they’d take customers more seriously in the future!

  4. When something wrong happens be patient and konn 7aleeman till you see what you’ll be offered in compensation. If you’re fairly compensated, kheir we baraka. If not, then you have to take an action (be soot waty :) ) or else you’re waiving your right of receiving quality service and products! Wala eih? :)

  5. :)

  6. tab3an dee moshkelat el mosaqaf al intellectual :D I am sorry ya doodz I dont mean to undermine/be little ur problem here with “quality”, but as u might know I am not as positive as u are! :D

    And this is an everlasting argument that I have with all my friends. I think the “quality issue is an issue of us living in a 3rd world counrty and it won’t be solved unless we move up into the food chain and become more civilized (as a whole country).

    For example,whenever I am treatd badly by a waiter at a restaurant (which happens often), I automatically think of this person’s background and here is what comes into my mind:

    “he is 30 years old, graduate of law school, engaged to Mona, can’t marry her because lessa makawnsh nafso. he is forced to work as a waiter because it he couldn’t find a better job in his field. he is forced to serve me and my english speaking friends which are to him a bunch of spoilt kids who come to city stars every weekend and can afford to order a dish with 100 LE”

    Only then, I hold back and I don’t start an argument with him!

    Most of my friends would go abt giving me lectures of how I am passive and how I should give the guy a lesson in “etqan al 3amal” wa “7ebb ma ta3mal 7ata ta3malma to7eb”, etc etc…

    bas it seems that above mentioned CV of Mr.waiter always stands as an obstacle to me listening to any what of what they are saying!!!!!!

  7. Ya Ghandi :)

    I agree it is such a thorny issue. And I agree that we have to develop the whole country and act civilized, but how would we develop and act civilized if we are not keen on giving our customers quality service/products? Maybe if we do this, economy would yanta3ish and this waiter’s conditions would become better!

    I cannot accept social conditions as an execuse for providing bad service. Look at us ya Ghandi, sometimes we have devastating personal problems, yet we have to put a smile and give our BEST to our clients, right?! We are waiters as well, dear.. just in a different context.

    I totally understand your point of view, but do you think being silent when receiving bad service would help in any way?!

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