Posted by: Mermaid | October 2, 2008

Be Positive – An Update

I was off for all last week. And by “off” I mean I switched off my mobile phone and did not go online. In the middle of my vacation I found out that Mobinil were “2albeen el donia 3alaya!!!” (no exaggeration here). El mohem, I switched on my mobile to receive a call from their Complaint Handling Manager who sincerely apologized on behalf of Mobinil and gave me a good offer as a compensation for the mistakes that happened. She showed the utmost interest in keeping me as a Mobinil customer which made me feel that the company takes every customer rather seriously. Frankly, I did not expect such a reaction from Mobinil to my e-mails; they have taken my complaint very seriously and acted promptly. I gave it a thought for a very short while and decided to stay with Mobinil – definitely not for the financial compensation but rather for taking the effort to solve the problems I faced and for making me feel that I, as a customer, do matter.


I am happy that our voices are becoming influential and valuable and I am even happier that we have such a responsive attitude from companies like Mobinil.


Bass keda :) we kol sana wento tayebeen :)



  1. مرحبا

    انا داخلة بس اعيّد عليك …كل سنة و انت طيبة..و ينعاد عليك ان شاء الله

  2. (: وإنتي طيبة وبخير دايماً يا رب يا عروبة

  3. I so respect the fact that you were very objective. Stating both the positive and the negative!

    Bravo 3aleeky.. w yareet koll el 3omala yeb2o zayek :D

  4. I have no interest in harming Mobinil. My sole purpose was just to be positive that’s why I had to state the bad and the good as well.

    Ya fandem thank you gedan for the lovely comment :))

  5. Me and Etisallat had a rough start, but things are getting better every day :)

  6. It takes time to fine-tune stuff, I guess. el mohem that we are happy fel akher :D

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