Posted by: Mermaid | October 19, 2008

Reflections: On Fear

Yesterday, I accidently came across something I feared for some time. It was a bit distant. Almost hearing my heartbeats getting higher and louder, I came close to it expecting a flow of unexplainable emotions. And then… there was light! You know this imagery of “the sun cleared the fog”? This is exactly what happened. The foggy fear was cleared by the light of realization that I should not fear what cannot harm me. But there was no way on earth I’d know this fact without getting closer to the object of my fear. When I thought about it afterwards, I found out that most of our fears are of (physically or psychologically) distant objects. We have to get closer to those objects to see if they truly hold a threat to us or not. I believe if we do so, most of our fears will just vanish.


P.S.: To those who know me quite well, do NOT even try to start preaching me about getting closer to CATS! NO WAY! :)



  1. YES, Kolo ella el 2otat : (

  2. Aywa ya Dina… deeh malhash 7all… wala getting close wala ay 7aga :)

  3. مرحبا

    الحل لانك تتخلصي من خوفك من اي حاجة هو انك تواجهيها..بس القول اسهل بكتير من الفعل..سيما لو كانت الحاجات اللي انت بتخافي منها خارجية و مش متعلقة بينا..زي القطط مثلا…بس رايك ايه باللي بيخاف من نفسه؟؟؟

  4. Very true ya Oroba… we have to look to fear in the eye!

    Those who fear themselves are facing the biggest fear… because the “self” is usually the worst fear and enemy to us. It takes LONG years to tame it and live peacefully with it.

    فيه دعاء بحب أدعيه قوي: اللهم لا تكلني إلى نفسي طرفة عين

  5. Cats and Dogs wal qaima tawiilah , rabinaa yastur

  6. Mayada i read your blog almost every day , .. atleast when my boss is not around ……..I enjoy reading it , you are talented keep up the good work…………………………….. Thanks

  7. LOL @ your p.s.

    ana aslan while reading was gonna ask u in the comment whether this thing u approached was cats or eih…. bass a7lamy etkassaret 3ala sakhret waqe3 el p.s. beta3tek :P

  8. Ya Samia :)))

    You cannot believe how much I am flattered by your comment :D I am very and absolutely happy to have you as my daily visitor :D Thank you begad :)

    And I’d love to see your name more often commenting on whatever is written here :)

  9. Shofty, I knew people who know me would think like this ya Rou :D Ya benty el cats deeh is a “hopeless case” ma3aya :D

    When I see you, I’ll tell you what I meant by the above piece :)

    And loool @ “sakhret waqe3 el P.S.” :D ana shyfa enn el 3araby beta3na et7assen awy :P

  10. im thinking of geziret el dahab too!!!!!
    ive never been there and i was wondering when i can go and explore it!

  11. Ya Monaaa… long time, no see :)

    It is an AMAZING place. You have to go. The best time to go there is either autumn or spring. Fa, yalla, it’s time ;) Take a felucca from Maadi and explore the beauties of the island :)

  12. ok.. 7amestini.. i will :)

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