Posted by: Mermaid | November 3, 2008

Am Going to Hollywood :D

I received the below from Howard (a.k.a. my very dear friend Nahla El Shaarawy) :D Look who’s cc-ed :D



From: Nahla ELshaarawy
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 1:32 PM
To: Mayada AlShereef
Subject: Congratulations


Dear Mermaid,


This is Howard from Fox Movies production (yes the one in Hollywood City!)


I have the pleasure to inform you that you have been selected among very tough candidates for the role of your dreams in the biggest musical production since the history of US movie making industry.


I am honored to tell you that you have been chosen among people from all over the world, with different talents, but you definitely knocked them all dead with  the uniqueness of your abilities ..


 Dear all, please join me in congratulating our precious candidate for her role as “ EL  BATTA  EL  METTALLA2A ”   


Thank you for contacting “Fox Careers



Sincerely yours,



Howard The Mighty

20th Century FOX
Hollywood City


  1. Heeeey Doodz, am going to Hollywood tooooo. I just received a similar e-mail this morning for another role.
    Do you think “El WEZZA EL 3ARGA” will be in the same musical as “EL BATTA EL METTALLA2A”????
    Howard ma2alleesh el film esmo eih el madroub! :D :D

    Mermaid and i had a very interesting conversation over the movie “High School Musical 3” i watched this week end, which resulted in this e-mail this morning.
    We came up with the fact that after watching these incredibly energetic cheerful musicals, we will end up wanting to quit our jobs, our lives, and going to Hollywood to experience the dance adrenaline. But given our extraordinary fitness (ehem .. you know), yadoob yakhdouna in roles similar to the ones in the e-mail !

  2. I can’t wait to see that movie on MBC4

    but when you become so famous ..don’t forget your friends…and maybe you can find me some small cute role ..maybe “el katkout el kasee7” will be good for me!! don’t you think??!!!

    wish you luck with all the training and the new dances you will have to learn!!!

  3. Nahlooool :D

    Edah, enty kamaaan? Ya Rab netla3 ma3a ba3d 3ala nafs el flight :D I think we’ll be in the same movie. I had a call with Howard this afternoon and he mentioned el batta el 3arga and also el batreeq el mashlool wel katkout l kasee7 :D Ya Oroba, the role is ready for you :D da e7na hanemsa7 Beyonce be barraya… asdy asteeka :D

    For all the visitors of the blog, there are vacancies in this worldwide musical:

    1- A hippo talking on the phone.
    2- A silent leaf lying under a tree.
    3- Air (be sure you have the ability to fill all the empty space in the room… somehow!)
    4- A frong with 5 legs (you have the luxury to choose where you want to grow the fifth leg).
    5- A cultured shadow of a fly.

    Yalla choose :)

  4. LoooooooooooooL…. tayeb ana khalas hired in the cultured shadow of a fly :D:D:D
    It will fit you know tab3an! :D

    Ama bekhsoos el extraordinary mood such movie put you in, fana begad kont 3amla keda during and after the movie of Mamma Mia ended… :D:D:D Leh ya Raby elwa7ed fe3lan mayequitsh his job we yerooo7 ba2a ye3eesh zay el bany admeeeen :D:D

    That was lovely! :))

  5. LOOOOOL @ “mayequitish” :D

    I have to see these movies begad ba2a mayenfa3sh keda :D Bass ana khayfa men el post-movie mood dah :D

  6. am lol(ing) and people around me think that I’ve totally lost it :D

  7. what a movie !! it would be great to see all those ducks in one movie .. but has Howard named the hero of the movie? I’d prefer it would be johnny Depp .. I love him so .. he can have the role of the ugly duck.
    I’d search for the tickets in advance or .. mmmm.. I may use my gift of stealing (you know me) and get a copy from the montage room.
    God bless ducks

  8. Am LOL-ing ya Nerro @ your loling that I started coughing and my face turned red :D :D :D

  9. LOOOL LOOOL LOOOL bel awy !!!!
    eh el tahyees 3aly el mostawaaa dah .. el batta el metala2aaa ya mo2meneeen :D:D:D

    Is there a chance for me in the role of “faten el mol3ab armalet el bostagy el 3erra” ???

    please edoony foresty !!!

  10. Ya Bahaa,

    It will be a HIT ya Bahaa :D LOL, seems you love Johny Depp fe3lan :P

    No way you’ll get a copy :P This is a highly confidential movie that the montage room is in a secret place in 15 El Folla el Me2afella St., Gardens City :)

  11. Mmmmm…. besara7a ana 7’ayfa you join ya Dido as Faten el mol3ab fa te3’atty 3aleina kolena! :D

    e7na KOLENA shaklena darbeen Tobleron Black :D

  12. LOOOOL! I love the “rawa2an” of it all!

  13. GLAD you like it ya Juka :D :D :D Ya Rab dayman :D

  14. I saw Abla Kamel’s eid movie poster today, and all I could think about was how effective you’ve been in predicting upcoming movie themes :)

  15. loool… sa7 ya Juka :D

  16. I always thought that u ‘d play the role of “al mermaid al da23a”

  17. It seems there is no vacancy for a mermaid ya Ghandi in Holywood these days … they are offering me el batta el metala2a and I have to akhod forsety ba2a :D

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