Posted by: Mermaid | November 4, 2008

Starving, Freezing and In Need

When we are starving, we just eat anything we can put our hands on regardless of whether we like it or not. Not only that, but we also find it tasty and enjoy every bite. Similarly, when we are freezing, we pick anything to put on, even if the colour and design do not match our taste at all. And we indulge ourselves in the warm feeling wrapping us.


I hope in relationships we’re wiser. Needing someone should not make us accept any passer-by just because we miss the feeling of being with someone. S/he is not a tasteless meal or a vulgar jacket we have to endure for a short while and then throw away. After being filled and warm, we will open our eyes to that fact that this is not actually what we want. And that would be unfair to them and to us.


Fasting and patience are good, you know!



  1. Very wise ya dooda :)

  2. I know!!!!!

    Perfectly agree with you ya Mayo…
    Blissful Morning my sweet friend! :)

  3. Aywa ya Minmin… asl I am putting on “qoba3at al 7ekma” these days :)

    Mesh keda bardo ya Rou? :) Yes3ed saba7ek, honey :)

  4. cannot agree more :) (says nerro)

    however sometimes we are too vulnerable, and we convince ourselves that a little bite to keep us going won’t hurt. wrong approach I know but don’t we sometimes reach this state!! (rateeba wonders)

  5. The times, they are changing

    I’d love to agree with all what is written .. and I wouldn’t go with the trivial minds that say a human being can endure anything if (S/he) has the WILL… this is nonsense.

    Accepting the unknown, the unfimiliar or the unaccustomed to is against the human traditions, although, they’re not forbidden to be tasted by any means. This state is applicable to feelings and emotions for a very simple fact : the wiser we are, the less passionate our thinking can be, and vice versa.
    Take Noah’s and Lot’s wives as examples and see what is the dominating power, passion or mind?! .. I mean .. in every man’s life (male or female) there are needs and laws, there are permitted things and desired ones and there are me, you, he, she and they …
    Everyone gets what makes him unique, even between two brothers or sisters sharing the same room, meal, same way of raising up, even the same genes.
    Again ..Relationships are not matters of thinking only or that of feeling only, they are a mix, they are changealble as times and seasons. I wouldn’t go for Psychoanalysis but it is real, your taste may not cope with mine and what is accepted by me is familiar only to my id, my ego and my super-ego. So, it’s hard to commonize your opinion over people even those who have stable personalities.

    وتبقى حقيقة واحدة فقط أؤمن بها بغض النظر عما قلته سابقاً .. الأرواح جند من جنود الله .. ما تعارف منها ائتلف، وما تنافر منها اختلف .. وأما الخطأ والصواب فى أية علاقة مهما كان نوعها فهى تجارب يمر بها الإنسان وهى ما تصنعه .. ولن أزيد لأن الإنسان وعلاقاته مع نفسه ومع الآخرين تحتاج لكتب وتحتمل ملايين الآراء

  6. Ya Nerroz,

    Well, unfortunately, Rateeba is right :( We sometimes grow vulnerable and we get drifted thinking we can accept comprimises… mixing between “compromises” and “unacceptables”. But here comes the time for Ansaf to pull Rateeba to her senses :D We can be vulnerable for a very short while… but not for too long to make lifetime decisions.

    A whisper to you: “it is awful being wise and self-conscious all the time, you know :( Sometimes I wish I were stupid!” (Sigh)

  7. You have no idea, the timing of reading this post fare2 ma3aya ezzay!!


  8. “Relationships are not matters of thinking only or that of feeling only, they are a mix” I very much agree with this ya Bahaa! And exactly, the uniqueness of each one of us has to be taken into consideration. In fact, this is what makes our needs/fulfillments differ from one person to the other.

  9. I can totally understand ya Gjoez… sometimes we think of 7aga keda and we find a sign that comes out of the bluez to tell us something, or direct us in a certain path.

    You are most welcome, dear :)

  10. WOW … seedy ya seedy 3al 7ekam ! I love the thought

  11. Aywannn… ana 7akeema gedan… 7akeema moot!

    Ew3a e-sareeeeeee3… zeeewww :D :D :D

  12. i really wish i can send this to a friend.. w mesh 3arfa ezay :S
    very well expressed!

  13. Then do :) I am sure you’ll think of a way :)

    Thank you, dear :)

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