Posted by: Mermaid | November 14, 2008

Reflections on Wounds

When you cannot afford (for one reason or another) a treatment of a serious wound in your arm for example, complications would probably happen. And in order to save your life, you might have to cut the whole arm!



  1. Soba3ak elly yewja3ak, mat3algoosh.. egta3oh!

  2. ana kont da7’a a2ol nafs el boo2 beta3 gjoez dah belzabt !

  3. LOL @ you two ya mosiba enty we heya :D da7aktoony :D

    Ya Jgoez, enty 3andek 3er2 se3eedy? ;)

  4. Very true, very efficient and very practical

    Yet, almost impossible!!!

    With me at least

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, 2allebty 3alayya el mawage3 ya mayo ya o7’ty

  5. LOL… come on guys… this is supposed to be a serious, gloomy post but you make me burst in laughter with your comments :D :D :D

    With some persistence, it won’t be impossible. You know, it is like when you’re addicted to something/someone, and gradual stopping is not working. Fa you have to stop once and for all… and you’ll either be cured or you’ll die!

  6. ya mama….

    tab ana 3andy quote a7san (2lsha tab3an) about wounds sem3t-ha fee felm:

    Time wounds all heels

  7. Edah…. strange el quote dah ya Ghandi!

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