Posted by: Mermaid | December 2, 2008

A Wise Saying

Do not expect icebergs to turn into a glowing fireplace in your heart!



  1. they can if you allow yourself

  2. and the wiser says… fake it till you make it…
    and again and again I keep on saying to myself… i’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine… I’m fine…

    May be then I will be…. fine… just fine…!

  3. Hope dear … HOPE !!!
    this what makes us alive !!! and able to carry on … balash elya2s da !!!

  4. >> Sola,

    I do not know! I think you have to know things as they are. You may choose to accept or refuse them for their true reality, just do not be a dreamy fool and expect unrealistic things!

    >> Rou,

    I use your technique a lot. And it works!

    >> Yasmeen,

    “Hoping” is good but it has to be based on some reality. You really cannot expect an iceberg to turn into a fireplace! Know the things around you and hope for a little change for the better… but not an extreme! They say: “No expectations, no frustrations”.

    I am stull hopeful ya Yasmeen. I just need to stop being a dreamy fool!

  5. ohh..please.. put here all the techniques you know make unpleasant situation looks better and nicer..especially if you have no choice but to accept it..will you!!

  6. Sometimes it helps ya Oroba… believe me sometimes it does!

  7. I second Yasmeene ” hope is what makes us a live and able to carry one”

  8. Ahlan beeky ya Samia :)

    Yes, “hope” is good but “too much hope” or “unrealistic hope” is not really nice!

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