Posted by: Mermaid | December 25, 2008

A Pillow for the Heart

I have been suffering for years with pillows. They are either too high or too low and I end up with a restless sleep or a pain in the neck when I wake up! The solution was supporting my head with my bent arm to provide the suitable height. Today was a bit different… I used two soft pillows. I was extremely exhausted. I laid my head down and it sank in that softness. For some reason, I grew even more exhausted and pain started to creep all over me. You know when you keep hovering all day long like a bee and then all the exhaustion comes to your body once you start resting? But what made me really ache was this thought: I’ve been supporting myself for so long… standing strong and hard. Pain pierces my soul sometimes, yet I’ve learnt to endure whatever comes. But I need an existence to sink into… softness to wrap me like that pillow that held my head so gently that it hurt. I think I’ll have to wait still to find that soft pillow for my heart.





  1. mmmmm….

    howa awalan, I do suffer from the same thing begad… the pilow thing I mean… and I guess it’s one of the reasons of my everlasting headache…

    thaneyan… though I wish you find that soft pillow of your heart… and though I wish the same for my heart too… but am not sure that it does exist in the first place ya Mayo… or at least, that’s what I’ve learned!

  2. I wish I would have a pillow that would adjust itself to the proper height lewa7daha keda… tomateeky ya3ny :D

    I don’t know ya Rou… I think I am still hopeful. Who knows what the tide could bring? :) Right, my dear friend? :)

  3. hi

    your bent arm was a solution for the problem your head had with pillows..can’t you find something also comes from you to solve the problem your heart has ..which is there is no pillow for it??!!!do you think it is possible??

  4. The thing is… I am tired of supporting myself. I am not saying “I want someone to carry me all the time” (though that would be good) ;) But it is nice to just lean on someone from time to time, you know.

    Unfortunately, nothing can support the heart but the walls you build around it!

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