Posted by: Mermaid | December 28, 2008

Mo3’amarat Mayo and Rou – Episode I

Okay, you better be alone when you read this coz I read it when I was among friends and everyone thought I went nuts because of my hysterical laughter :D


For those who do not know, PTP is a cultural e-group of almost 300 people. Rou is the moderator of this group. We discuss burning issues there; mostly related to culture. Almost a week ago the Bush-Shoe incident was discussed and there was a girl who defended Bush and the American occupation of Iraq which was met with strong waves of objection from the rest of the members.


It all started when Rou wrote that very serious post on her blog and I replied to her with: “Mateegy net3alem terico?” Today, I found my very dear friend Meto sending me and Rou this e-mail. I’m copying and pasting it :D


awwalan essmo Tricot :)


We yaret matensooneesh fe sherz bas yekoon medandesh keda wshefteshy :)


Now picture this:


Both of you sitting on chairs, with eye glasses ka3b el kobbaya nazla 3ala tantoofet mana7’erko (what is the plural of mana7’eer by the way???), a blanket on your lap we koll wa7da working on her knitting and 3ammal tomdo3′ fe lbana as big as your hand and the following conversation takes place:

M: alla 2oleely ya rou 
R: yes ya mayo
M: bemonasbet PTP wel events we keda, 3amla eh felmoderation
R: Ahe mashya,
M: bass ba2a fee nas ghareeba keda ya rou ya o7’tchy 3algroup webteb3at 7agat 3ageeba
R: to2sody el bett elly betdafe3 3an Bush
M: yes
R: 2ot3et dy shakalha keda habla, dy farasetny
M: heya farasetna kollena essara7a
R: da 7atta el wad meto lessa mekallemny deek ennahar we ma7’alash feeha ella lamma 2al
M: hat2oleely mana 3arfah lesano taweel we mabyeskotsh
R: mahy bardo testahel, mesh fahmaha
M: ahy bet3abbar 3an weghet nazarha, koll wa7ed 7orr fe weghet nazaro
R: Enty hatefreseeny enty kaman, nazarha eh, gaha waga3 fe nazarha
M: 3eb ya rou keda, please refine your language shwayya
R: A refine eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh? malha my language ya 3ooooooooooooooooooooooooooomar?
M: Eh da, rou I can’t believe you (tab3an can’t here is pronounced belqaf for qotta mesh kaf for kalb)
R: ya7’ty bala 7’awta, can’t eh we zeft eh ana na2saky enty ro7’ra
M: Rou men fadlek etkallemy ma3aya betaree2a a7san men keda shwayya
R: ana 2ayma we saybahalek, ana mesh na2asa, wady el sherz aho, mesh mekammelah 3ashan terta7y
we bass dy kanet nehayet el tricot session :)

Hope I made you smile :)



  1. Tam tara raram… tam tam :D:D:D

    Isn’t he a sweetheart!!!! :D

  2. loooool… noooo, he’s fazeeee3 :D

  3. Hwa dah elwad meto .. 2a3ed 3ala elmastaba be 7agar el goza we wala ya 7amo eltemsa7a yallaaa .. Naharlko lazez

  4. La2, I always picture him either with his tiny glasses looking betarkeez into his laptop or wandering in the streets of Paris :)

  5. Aywaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the streets of Paris, that’s my natural home, bezemmetko da kalam yetla3 men 7ad 3omro ra7 Paris? da ya dob yetla3 men 7add lamma ra7 Tanta 2al ya 3’orbety :)

    Etfada7t ya Meto welly kan kan

  6. Shoft… I knew you love Paris :D

    Yalla… write episode II besor3aaa :)

    Thanks begad for the laugh :D

  7. lol
    manakhir is the plural ya meto monkhar mofrad.. i guess ;)
    (makontesh fakrako egram keda.. no sherz for u)

  8. I agree ya Mona :D No “sherz” for Meto :D Akhro hayakhod “ebretein” :P

  9. HAHAHA!! 7araaam 3aleiko begad haterefed!!

  10. Aywa ya Deee :D The very same thing happened with me :D I burst in laughter among colleagues when I first read it :D And I had to read it to everyone to justify my action :D and of course, everyone cracked up laughing :D

  11. ya fde7tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Wallahy dana ragel mo7taram we serious and my book is something totally different

    menko lellah :)

  12. Feeiiiin episode II? :D :D :D

    Ya Meto enta mo7taram gedan gedan and none can say anything about this :)

  13. […] Episode I […]

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