Posted by: Mermaid | December 28, 2008

Philosophy – John Kendrick Bangs

If there’s no Sun, I still can have the Moon;

If there’s no Moon, the Stars my needs suffice;

And if these fail, I have my Evening Lamp;

Or, Lampless, there’s my trusty Tallow Dip;

And if the Dip goes out, my Couch remains,

Where I may sleep and dream there’s light again.



  1. saba7 el optimism :P

  2. loool…. saba7 el light ya Salsolty (Kiss) :D

  3. da meen el a7′???

    wallahy I envy him more than you can imagine, I wish I had a drop of his optimism

    Enjoy your day :)

  4. A poet seyadtak :)

    Well, try to get that drop ;)

    Naharak sa3eed ya Meto :)

  5. ya sabr ayooouuuubbb! :D

  6. Mesh keda bardo ya rafeeqet el moghamarat ;)

  7. y2ollek “there will always be light for one who wants to see” :)
    me likes

  8. 3ala nafs el moga enty ya Sunshine ;)

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