Posted by: Mermaid | January 15, 2009

تووت تووت.. قطر صغنتوت

ا“تووت تووت.. قطر صغنتوت.. تووت تووت.. بالليل بيفوت.. تووت تووت.. ويهل علينا.. تووت تووت.. في ميعاد مظبوط”


كنت باتكلم مع صديق إمبارح وقعدنا نفتكر في الحاجات الجميلة بتاعة زمان. كرنبة، بقلظ، ماما نجوى، ماما سامية، سينما الأطفال، الكلبة لاسي، وتووت تووت.. قطر صغنتوت، و”الندّاغة” اللي كان عبد المنعم مدبولي بيجيبها لأولاده. ياه، قد إيه الدنيا إتغيرت! مش هاقعد أتفلسف وأقارن بين زمان ودلوقتي لأن الموضوع كده هاينتهي بإحباط. أنا كنت بس محتاجة شوية دفا من أيام جميلة بتحضنا وتحمينا من برودة زماننا دلوقتي.


ربنا يملا أيامكم دفا :)




  1. w fawazir nelly w sherihan w alf leila w leila beta3et hessein fahmi w naglaa fathy eli kanet betigy e sob7 w 3arouset el bohour w mosalsal hend wel doctor no3man.. and there was a series of a clown kan beyigy f cinema el atfal aw ablo aw ba3do 7aga keda.. mesh fakra esmo bas fakra shaklo kwayes awii.. these days have a certain smell.. like school mornings they also have a certain smell :)

  2. Wahmeya! I’ll have that stuck in my head all weekend. Toot toot :)

  3. U made me smile begad, though i was a strange kid … I’ve never liked TV kids’ shows except cinema el atfal we yasalam ba2a lama gabo “wizard of oz” :D

  4. Ya Mona… ana kont bakhaaf awy men “Hend wel doctor No3man” :S.

    Kan feeh kaman Telematch on Friday morning … we Fatoota :D fakra kaman e3lan el lebaan el se7ry :D “doo2 doo2 doo2 a7la hedeya, el se7ry leban ta3mo alwan meya el meya” :)) kan el e3laan noss sa3a :D

    Aywa… alf leila we leila…
    “-Ya Masrooooooor….
    – khaleeny le bokra Allah yekhaleek” :))

  5. Ya Juka… it stuck to my mind too since I had this conversation with my friend :) “Toot toooooot” :D

    Ya Niso, am HAPPY I made you smile :D I used to love Cinema el Atfal. We used to watch it while having the Friday breakfast… and as always, I used to get drifted in whatever they were showing and forgot about food… and mom used to threaten me she’d turn the T.V. off if I didn’t eat well :) Ahhh… ayaaaam :)))

  6. Oz was scary, Hend wel doctor no3man kaman :S
    I love toot toot, I have it on my ipod, and I almost listen to it every morning. Thanks for the dafa you brought our way ya samakaya :D

  7. Ana ma3rafsh Oz!

    Loool… you play it almost every morning? :D enty tefla gameela ya Nerro :D

  8. ah hend wel doctor no3man kan mor3eb fe3lan.. hehehe.. 3arfa eh kaman kan beykhawefni e3lan klonia khamas khamsat lel ente3AAAAAAAsh.. kan fih wa7da betanta7er fil akher
    ma7adesh faker el “clown” beta3 cinema el atfal da kan esmo eh??

  9. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  10. Aywaaaa… sa7… kanet she goes into the sea… and there was this high moga!

    Bass can you imagine how innocent we were to be frightened of such an ad?!!! Nowadays kids momken yel3abo we yed7ako ma3a el ashkeef… 3aady gedan!

    Fakra el ashkeef we layla 3elwy?! That used to fighten me too :S

  11. …. zaman wallah ya Karim :D

  12. aywa heya el moga di..

  13. شكرا لكم جميعا رجعتونا لزمن جميل نتمني يرجع ولو جزء بسيط منه

  14. Ahlan, Nasser… Thanks for visiting :)

  15. ufffff… I hated Hend wel Doctor No3ma… I can still hear its soundtrack till now and it makes me shiver! :S

    I loved toot toot geddaannn… I am not a TV shows person awy… even when I was a kid… Tom and Jerry ya gama3a la yo3la 3alehom!!!! (needless to say that this is till now tab3an… and am talking about the original ones, not the kids!!) :D

    Thanks for the memories ya Mayo!

  16. ezzaher en “Hend wel doctor no3man” was mosalsal el ro3b to all of us!

    Ah, Tom and Jerry was nice. But I preferred el sanafer.

    Welcome, honey :)

  17. Yaaaaa ya Mayo, raga3teeni 25 yrs back masalan :).
    I LOVED toot toot tab3an, and dabdooba el tekheena geddan geddan, we oghneyet kokowawa elli kanet fiha el bent betghanni :):).

    Aslan i’ve been thinking for a while of some series beta3et yehia el fakharani beta3 atfal… adeem awi. i think kan esmo sindbad. Mesh fakra ay 7aga tani 3anno bas i remember enno kan 7elw awi.

  18. hi Mermaid , thank you for your repley

  19. hey , i wanna remember the clown series , i remeber his face , i remember that i hated him, but i donno why. :)

    nice blog mermaid, i like it ((fakra el 3lan da?:D))

  20. sorry but i found you are reading “immortality” for kundera
    do you like it?

  21. Ya Rou,

    Ya kharashy… aywaaaa… el oghneya beta3et el katoot dah beta3 koko wawa… wel bent well nass elly beyemsho zayy el batta :D

    Ana mesh 3arfa el series dah beta3 ye7ya el fakharany dah… ezaher enny kont batfarag 3ala 7aga tanya the time they were showing it :D

  22. Lactuel, I like it! :D Tab3aaan :D kanet 3ala bab el tayara kaman :D

    Thanks ya Pianist… el blog menawar begad :)

    As for Kundera, he’s one my top favorite authors but I have only one problem with him.. usually the first 100 pages of his books are “unputdownable”. Begad I usually jump from happiness while reading those. Then the tempo goes really slow and I find myself spending almost 2-3 month reading the following 100 pages! Then the heat goes insanely high again. But still I love the guy :) I read only “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and now “Immortality”. I wanna read the rest of his works :)

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