Posted by: Mermaid | January 21, 2009

On Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday was… strange! The day started with a page turned and closed. Sever mood swings turned me upside down several times like a fried fish. But I looked nice yesterday which made my spirits go high :) I had a very colorful scarf (koofeya). This is my very first scarf ever. Today I’ll go buy some threads and let mom teach me crochet. Back to yesterday, a very rich PTP presentation… saw many, many lovely faces… friends I love and miss. Then, in the middle of the presentation, I saw my picture popping up on the wall!!! I was like :O And Camel, the presenter, talked about the efforts that I and other 6 people dedicate to PTP. And he asked us to come forward to stage. I was grateful none could hear my knees shaking, hitting each others! A big “thank you” followed by a very nice, soft gift ;)






Then I went home happy with my little achievement. I was very exhausted and sleepy. In bed, I wrote this:


فتحت ملف وورد اهو… ها؟ هاكتب إيه؟ مممم… مش عارفة. أنا عايزة أنام. أنا بقالي كتير مش باحلم وأنا نايمة وديه مش عادتي. فاكرة زمان لما كنتي بتحلمي؟ أيوه… كنت باحلم أشتغل في حتة كويسة وربنا أكرمني. أنا كنت باحلم كمان أتجوز في شهر أكتوبر اللي فات بس الظاهر إني صحيت من الحلم قبل ما يتحقق. أنا لسة عايزة العصاية السحرية اللي آخرها نجمة بتلمع، كل ما أحركها في الهوا ينزل منها نجوم صغيرة. هاطلب أول حاجة أناناس وبعدين خوخ. وبعدين هاطرد الإسرائيليين من فلسطين وأبني بيوت كتير بدل اللي إتهدمت. وبعدين أحبس بوش ورايس مع تمساح في أوضة ثلاثة متر في إثنين متر. وبعدين هاطلب أناناس تاني. مممم… هاجيب فرشة وأرسم قوس قزح في السما وهاخلي الدنيا تمطر وتنزل ثلج و.. خخخخخخ… إصحي يا بنتي! هاتعملي إيه تاني؟ هانام بقى دلوقتي.


Today started well :) I washed some dishes in the morning, prepared tuna salad and got into Misty (my car) in good spirits :) Came to work and suddenly I felt that life is promising me something good. I have no idea what that could be… but I just feel… I don’t know… you know when you have this anticipating smile? When you know that some colours will paint your grey walls very soon? When you feel that warm sunrays will penetrate your thick walls to light the dark rooms inside? This is how I feel. I am open to life, to colours, and to light :)



Painting by Mermaid



  1. Allah .. This is really cheerful :) and you deserved the appraisal yesterday, you really did great for PTP and I was extremely proud of you and of our other friends :D

    I like this Arabic part about the magical stick and the star at the end .. I also laughed a lot on your wishes … thoma ba3d keda totlobeely farawla 2al ananass tany 2al !!

    You really cheered me up … If we only have these magical sticks … Kisses XxxXxxxX

  2. Ya Dido ya meshaga3any dayman :D Rabena yekhaleeky :) It is not me, it’s the whole team with the amazing spirit :) I felt proud of us :))

    Aywa… ana 3ayza this magical wand begad! Tayeb negeibha meneen?

    Farawla eih bass ya Dido? :) El ananaas dah agmal 7aga fel donia :D

    Am HAPPY I could cheer you up, dear :) Ya Rab dayman :))

    Rains of kisses :)

  3. ya doodz ana sherebt ananas enaharda :D

    ma3lish ya3ny bas howa seyatek betes7y emta w tel7a2y wash the dishes and make tuna salad?? mornings are really awful for me yadoob i wake up to get ready and grab breakfast on the go and most of the time i’m already running late! and no mat2olelesh as7a badry 3ashan 5:30 is already early!!

    mabrook ya doodz 3al acknowledgement fe PTP of course I have no idea what u did to deserve it (:P) but i’m sure you did something great!! GO DOOOOOOOOODZ!!! :D

    i’m glad today started well for you :) i think it’s all about positive thinking. if you feel today will be a good day, it’ll end up being a good one. if you feel it’ll be the worst day of your life, well need I say more? :P mmm, maybe that’s why most of my days are a living hell! :D

    Ana 3ayza magical wand too. This way I can cast a spell on everyone I hate and turn them into ugly looking frogs, sell them to the French, and make soup out of their legs :D

    Jisty betsalem 3ala Misty :P

  4. Wallahy ya benty usually I don’t have time to do anything ana kaman.. but woke up in a good mood and wanted to eat sth healthy shewaya instead of the daily junk food :) I wish I have the energy to prepare my breakfast everyday! I feel different when I do!

    Ya mosiba ya Sola enty :) For PTP, I didn’t expect it khales in fact because there are people that are much better than me and they give more to PTP. And for what I did, it’s just organizing some events, posts…keda ya3ny.

    Ta3aly adeeky shewayet posotive energy ya Sola :) And I LAUGHED my heart out when you said you want to turn your enemies into ugly frogs …looool begad :D :D enty maskhara :D

    Tayeb what else would you do with the magical wand? What would you do for those you love? :)

    Misty betboos fawanees Jisty :D

  5. tayeb I have a comment out of context tamamannn…. My grandma used to put Anais Anais…. wana kont basameeeha “Aneeees el3aneeees” :D:D:D

    Keep up the cheerful spirit my friend! :)

  6. looool.. howa enty mosiba keda men wenty so3’ayara? :D

    Hope I’ll always keep it ya Rou :)

  7. Ya Mayoooooooooooo !!!

    I know this mood … & I love it !!!

    This is the mood when i have “Shams elnahar” by wust elbalad playing in my head all the morning all the way to work (driving my Tousa el7antoosa :) ) … then i play it on my PC when i arrive … and sa7 !! u feel that life is promising and everything will be superb and all the hardships will pass … w el7aya manga 3al a7’er :)

    Lamma tet3alemy crochet eb2y 3allemeeny :D

    Saba7ek ananas !! ( 3alashan 7’atrek bas ;) )

  8. Ya Nizo :)

    Wallahy I brought yesterday 2ebret el crochet and el threads and “MOM” started el scarf :D I was too exhausted to stick next her to learn it :) Bass I am determined to :) awel mat3alem, ne3mel 2a3det ta3leem crochet with the rest of el banat :D

    Yes, this mood is very refreshing keda :D Ya Rab yedoom 3aleina kolena :D

    Mateb3ateely “shams el nahar” deeh :)

    Saba7ek alwan keteer awy :)))

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