Posted by: Mermaid | February 1, 2009

Go Local, Buy Egypt



So, I was having this conversation with a colleague almost a week ago. She asked: “why boycott when it’s Egyptians working in the factories of the foreign brands?” I replied: “it’s a matter of supply and demand. If the demand on the Egyptian brands got higher, then new factories and shops would have to open to sell Egyptian brands; i.e., none would go jobless.” The following day, I found Juka writing about it having a much better and more positive approach. Go local, buy Egypt. I know it is difficult to do it in every single product, specially that with some we don’t have Egyptian alternatives. But at least let’s try, people. So, I decided to go local in all the products I can afford doing so in. I know I might have to sacrifice on quality a bit, but it’s something I am willing to do hoping that when business flourishes, quality would go up.


Yalla, let’s all Go Local :)


Logo by Jessy (also check her amazing post regarding this issue here)



  1. It’s great that the initiative is getting lots of blogger support.

  2. I am sooo in :D

  3. bass ana ennahrda gebt galaxy :(

  4. I agree with Jessyz; it’s great that you are on board Mermaid :) As for Gjoez; I realize Corona leaves a lot to be desired, but can I interest you in some gourmet chocolate courtesy of our local Sale Sucre?

  5. Thanks to you two Juka and Jessy for the GREAT initiative :) I like it when we think positive :)

    Ya Gjoez, ma3lesh… I know it won’t happen overnight. It’s gonna take a while. El mohem is our persistence to do it.

    Begad I am proud of ALL of you, GIRLZ :D

  6. This is important and necessary but don’t you think you also have to convince people in a way or in another …that buying foreign products doesn’t mean you have a better style…you know some people do it just for “prestige” and bragging…so, new awareness is needed I guess!!

  7. Well, I have been trying to remove “3o2det el ghawaga” deeh from my circle as much as I can. But people are just so brand-oriented in a way that turned me into anti-brands person! But still, let us try ya Oroba… let us try we Rabena ma3ana!

  8. i am in man

  9. “Woman”, and preferably “Mayada” :)

  10. […] Go Local, which is a group that aims to support Egyptian products. I also found out that she had written something about using only Egyptian products. Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love my country, even […]

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