Posted by: Mermaid | February 17, 2009

100 Facts about me

Inspired by a note Nerro wrote and a post by Meto, I am writing 100 facts about me :) See how much you know me ;)


1.      Am a 29-year old Egyptian girl.

2.      I am bad in English but people think I am good because of my British accent.

3.      I always question my sincerity in everything I do.

4.      My favorite colour is purple (with all its shades), second favorite colour is blue, third favorite colour is white.

5.      I am an optimist.

6.      I fell in love twice, had not so many crushes (less than 15 in all my life).

7.      I believe watching T.V. is mostly a waste of time.

8.      I like men with short beards.

9.      I do not watch horror movies.

10. I wish I had lighter-colored eyes.

11. I hope I’d live in a very modest hut either on a beautiful beach or in a forest with running streams.

12. I have many contradictions inside; patience and impatience, naïve and shrewd…etc.

13. I am stupid (as in slow in understanding).

14. I like having the place around me tidied and organized but I cannot always keep it this way.

15. I had a crush on Mustafa Qamar and Backstreet Boys for years.

16. With some people, I am positive they love me.

17. I don’t go to entertainment parks (like Dream Park) – I get scared!

18. I love the sea the most… and fear it the most.

19. I have three sisters, 3 nephews and a niece.

20. I can’t open up completely to male friends.

21. “You’ve Got Mail” and “City of Angels” are my favorite movies.

22. I intend to memorise the Quran.

23. I have a very weak memory.

24. I always get a headache after watching a movie in movie theatres.

25. I don’t like my eyelashes.

26. I drive a Nissan Sunny (a mauve shade) and call it Misty.

27. I don’t have a specific favorite flower but I love lilies, callas and daisies.

28. I used to play volleyball back in school.

29. I was very popular in primary school.

30. I have LOTS of nicknames: “Dodo, Dooda, Doodz, Mayo, Mayouda, Mermaid, Maya, Mazza…etc.)

31. Pineapple is my favorite juice followed by orange, then peach.

32. I can be cold when I choose to be (yes, cold!)

33. I do not curse (I cursed around 3-4 times in the past four years.)

34. I freak out and panic when somebody praises me.

35. I am a fighter.

36. I am persistent and snobbishly look down upon non-persistent people.

37. Some people call me arrogant.

38. I can hide my feelings when I choose to.

39. I love chocolate. Lindt (all kinds except Black) and Toblerone Black are my favorites.

40. If I ever get married, I won’t buy a BIG wedding dress, just a very simple one. I won’t have a big wedding party, just a nice morning reception on a fine October day.

41. I cry easily when I see others cry.

42. I like being treated like a lady.

43. Within, I have both savage and very refined manners.

44. I do not follow singers’ or actors’ news and I cannot grasp how some people do!

45. I speak Arabic and English, can read Italian very well, and know some French.

46. I went to Cyprus, South Africa, Turkey and KSA.

47. I try to give the impression that I am bold. But deep inside, I am shy.

48. My favorite spot on earth is the Prophet’s mosque in Medinah.

49. I like pampering myself (by candies, body lotions, watching my favorite movies over and over again…etc.).

50. I love Egypt and do not want to move out.

51. Food can shift my mood easily positively or negatively.

52. I do not get hungry, I crave certain foods.

53. When someone tries on purpose to make me curious, I turn into a cold statue.

54. I love reading.

55. I’ve been writing for more than 16 years.

56. I do not like gold or diamonds that much. I love pearls and precious stones (specially the non-opaque ones.)

57. I have around 300+ books. My library critically needs expansion.

58. I am Cancer. But I do not generally believe in signs.

59. I hate being the centre of attention. But I do not like being left behind either.

60. I am a very good car-follower with sensible leaders.

61. I like driving outside Cairo.

62. I do not read newspapers.

63. I am a winter person. I hate summer.

64. I love rains. I love walking in the rains.

65. I intend to have a hammock (erected between two wooden or metal pillars) in my future home.

66. I like soft rock and jazz music. I hate techno. I am not much of a fan of classical music.

67. I do not eat spicy food (my ears itch!)

68. I enjoy being alone.

69. I wish I could have a healthy lifestyle.

70. I do not eat most of the vegetables.

71. I hope I would open a bookshop selling children’s books (yes, like “The Shop Around the Corner”)

72. I started painting a few months ago and intend on keep doing it for a long time.

73. I wish I could teach ethics.

74. I love Milan Kundera and Mohammed El Maghzangy.

75. I have two mobile phones, both are Nokia.

76. I don’t like being fooled. I turn into a shrew with those who fool me.

77. I do not care how people think of me; a sinner or a saint. I’ve been having this attitude since I was 16 years old. I care only for my close family’s opinion and very close friends – in a nutshell, only those who genuinely care for me.

78. I am obsessed with plans. I like to have everything planned for.

79. I do not like change.

80. I grow emotionally attached to my inanimate possessions (keychain, rings, car…etc.)

81. I love animals. I go to the zoo every few months.

82. I hate crowded places.

83. I wish I would give birth to two girls; Helm (dream) and Falak.

84. It hits me when people start an English sentence with small letters.

85. I am positive and proactive and don’t like passive people.

86. I am veiled and proud of it.

87. I question everything and don’t take anything for granted.

88. I am a feminist.

89. I am good in debates, specially written ones.

90. My parents think I am crazy and rebellious because I do not abide by what “society” says we should do.

91. I am addicted to eating in bed. I see it as a way of pampering myself.

92. I can’t cook – with the exception of a very few dishes.

93. I like ballets.

94. I have the habit of reading e-mails from “Sent Items.”

95. I assume good nature in all people till otherwise is proven.

96. I hate uncertainties.

97. I don’t like when people judge Islam with the wrong practice of some people. I don’t like it when people dislike veiled/face-veiled women and bearded men and I consider this a form of racism and not respecting others’ choices. People tolerate bikinis but not veild/face-veils!

98. I fear cats the most.

99. I like vanilla-n-honey, pineapple, and blueberry shower gels.

100.   I thought it would be hard talking about myself, but, after all this list, I know I was wrong :)





  1. 13- Stupid??? I disagree! Or is it that you wanted people to tell you “No You’re Intelligent” reverse psychology, heyya maesh lay2a 3aleky bass kol ahe2 gayez LOL
    14- Mostafa Amar??? That was shocking
    43- savage and refined, I agree :)
    46- You went to Cyprus??? I need a full account with photos and everything. I expect it in my inbox by the end of today maximum (Shofteeny wana boss)
    52- No one does not get hungry, this is silly
    53- Liar liar liar, I know how to make you curious “when kont nassy afakkarak” LOL
    71-You opening a bookshop, hmmm…That was totally new for me
    81- You loving animals and going to the zoo, that was also new
    91- Eating in bed, thank God you’re not my sister, I would have considered your room a quarantined area with controlled access, I never eat in my room asslan, ANYTHING
    97- OK, no comment, although you know what I want to say here ;)
    100- Yes it is easy, shofty, zay ma2oltelek :)

  2. 7. Watching T.V. is mostly a waste of time: except for grey’s anatomy and film esha3et 7ob.
    14- Yes :D. Mostafa Amar!! di fatra 3adet 3aleina kollena ya Mayo :D
    51. Food can shift my mood easily positively or negatively: will tell my comment beini we beinek :D.
    62. I do not read newspapers: you are lucky you got PTP news team :P
    91- Eating in bed !!: I second Meto in this :). I can hardly have a cup of coffee in my room.
    99. You should try the peach one :).

  3. Meto,

    13- Yes, I am stupid. The fact that you haven’t discovered this so far is that I am very keen not to let people notice. But I am!
    46- Yes, I went to Cyprus and it was very, very pleasant :) I’ll share some photos with you :) I’ll try kaman to get you the name of the mountain I went to… was just AMAZING!
    52- I meant by “I do not get hungry” that I do not get hungry welsalam… ya3ny I never say “ana ga3ana” and that’s it. I say “ana nefsy fe kaza” ya3ny I crave for specific things not just food we khalas.
    53- LA2, you don’t know how to make me curious :P howa feeh 7aga 7asalet wana ma3rafsh? :P
    91- Eating in bed is AMAZING :D If you had been my brother, I would have eaten IN your bed and left fatafeet everywhere :P (I know you’re shuddering now :D )

  4. Ruby,

    7. AYWA :D esha3et 7ob is not a waste of time :D Specially when it’s with you galz :D
    14- Mostafa Amar!! Ya kharashy… enty kaman?! :D
    51. As for food shifting my mood, I know what you are going to say :P Ha3odek :P
    91- Eating in bed!! Begad you’re missing A LOT :)
    99. Peach shower gel: ha7ess enny we2e3t fe taba2 2amar el deen :D

  5. And what does peach have to do with amar el deen??? Amar eldeen is made of cooked apricot which is totally different than peach… Begad mesh messada2

  6. And if you were my sister -la 2addar allah- you would have never been allowed to enter my room asslan :P

  7. 6- I fell in love twice, had not so many crushes (less than 15 in all my life).
    Seriously you gotta work on that ;p

    15. I had a crush on Mustafa Qamar and Backstreet Boys for years.
    Mustafa Qamar and backstreet boys in the same sentence ya 2adra!!

    25. I don’t like my eyelashes.
    They are gomal masha2allah..dolly sorta eyelashes!!

    81. I love animals. I go to the zoo every few months
    I feel bad for animals whever I go there. el nemr el hazeel bey2ata3 alby :S

  8. Nerrozzz,

    6- On love and crushes: I wish ;)

    15 – Mustafa Qamar was in the shcool period and BSB in college days :D
    I have to admite I still have a soft heart for AJ (blush)!

    25- Tebadely? :D

    81- Wel zarafa passed away :'( You had to see my face when I knew :( I screamed at the guard: “MATETTTTT!”
    Eih ra2yek fe visit to the zoo soon? :D I was thinking of taking my nephew… would you like to join? :D

  9. Meto,

    loool… ana etlakhbadt between el appricot and peach :D I think now you’re POSITIVE I am STUPID :D

    If I had been your sister, I would have painted your room walls with rainbow colours, posted my favorite quotes there, and brought you many many gifts ……………………………………………………………. just to benefit from your 500+ books :P

  10. Things I already knew about u :
    3 (the reason why I’m a big fan of ur writings)
    4 (from ur drawings)
    18 – parts of 21- parts of 26 – parts of 30 – parts of 31
    35 (I can tell)
    parts of 39
    85 – 86- 87 – 88 – 89- 97- 98 (it seems that I know u more than I thought :))

    I didn’t know all the rest but specially:

    13 ( I disagree.. I have the proof.. but ill tell u later ;))
    16 ( I don’t understand what u mean?)
    25 (la2 shoufilek 7aga Tania… dol gomal)
    33 (wana Kaman )
    46 (I went to south Africa too ro7ty fein?)
    50 (sa7 keda ;)
    51 (tell me about it)
    67 ( da kalam?)
    71 (khodini ma3aki)
    76 (I PERFECTLY understand)
    79 (my biggest fears)
    81 (khodini ma3aki bardo)
    83 (helw awi helm.. awi)
    94 ( u mean u re-read what u sent every now and then?? ..)

  11. Ya Monaz,

    Da ana an open book 3ala keda :D

    As for “with some people I am positive they love me”, you know, sometimes you don’t know if this friend loves you or not. But with some friends and family members, I am positive they love me very much.

    I went to Johannesburg on a business trip. But I was too busy to tour the place around. The only animal I saw was the guest house owner’s DOG!

    And yes, I re-read the e-mails I send to people. Mesh 3arfa leih?!

    I want to read your 100 facts about you :))

  12. 3ayza tafffarrrrogh….:)

    i do the same i read the sent items..

    lol i saw 2 huge bird, some gazelles w bas.. i went to capetown ..

    ur not as open as u seem.. bas open enough to know those thing about u (ketab mowareb ya3ni mesh maftou7 awi.. :))

  13. I am glad I am not an open book :) I like to surprise friends every now and then :)

    Allahhhh… gazelles? Ya bakhtek :D

  14. احب رقمي 22 و 23
    واما رقم اثنين فلازم اقولك حاجة: أنتِ بتكتبي انجليزي احسن مني

  15. Thanks ya Tayr :)

    As for my English fa it is “ooll Anglish, ooll za tayem” :))

  16. Lighter colored eyes? Dark eyes are the most beautiful!

  17. Snarla,

    I have to admit I also like dark eyes (specially black eyes). But for my own eyes, I wish I had caramel ones :)

    Thanks for visiting :)

  18. 27. I don’t have a specific favorite flower but I love lilies, callas and daisies.
    i thought ur favorite is tulip!

  19. I discovered that my favorite flower is Tulips after writing this post :)

  20. hahahaha it is the first time I see this post :D it has also been a while since I have been here. your blog is snowing!!!!!! mesh kefaya 3alaya el bard elly hena. Btw I am seriously thinking of writing a piece about “the burden of cold weather” and send it to you :) see how u will react to it? will work on it!

    15. mostafa amar ya doodz? seriously? dabadeebo???!3amttan it is very brave of u to confess that :)

    missing u!

  21. Yes, it’s been a while ya hanem :) I miss our talks very much ya Ghandi :)

    I can also send you “the burden of hot weather”… but I guess you already know it since you were born and lived the greater part of your life in Egypt :P

    Hahah… yes, dabadeebo :$ :$ :$ Guilty as charged! :) :)

  22. you know ya Doodz I am currently thinking of doing the same 3ala nafsy… i know you have written this a while ago but you should be proud as it shows how much you know yourself to an extent… I am sometimes confused not sure i know myself that well..

  23. Yes, yes, yalla ya Siksik :) :)

    None know themselves 100% :) But at least we try :)

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