Posted by: Mermaid | April 2, 2009

On People’s Importance in our Lives

When somebody disappears from your life without you noticing it, and you’d realize it actually happened long time after they’re gone, this means only one thing: they have not been important to you or essential in any way… or at least, stopped being so :)


  1. Haha!

    I think that there is a sense of “sarcasim” in this post mesh 3arfa leeh.

    bel sodfa ennahrda, I spent 2 minutes trying to remember the full name of a person who once a upon a time mattered big time! I had the same smile zay elly fe a7’er el post dah keda :)

  2. Ya Gjoez ya fa2sany enty ;) Yes, sarcasim with an indifferent shrug ;)

    loool @ the smile we both had ;)

  3. I could have agreed with both of you, Mermaid & Gjoez, that the sense of sarcasm is overwhelming the atmosphere; yet, I’d call it a tragedy since the one who WAS in your life, no longer IS. The reality shows that we are not up to remembering the past unless it’s related to the present somehow, ‘cos our minds have the ability to wipe out memories and replace them with fresher ones. These new memories, ironically, could be built upon the old ones especially with our own help; i.e, seeking happiness, laughter or even living in peace. That’s why I’d go for the last phrase only .. stopped being so.
    Anyway, glad to know your minds are refreshing themselves from time to time .. this the essence of a good looking at life .. renewing.
    Thank you dear for shining

  4. “The reality shows that we are not up to remembering the past unless it’s related to the present somehow”

    Allow me to disagree with you. Some things in the past can never be “over-written”. And some things just slip off your memory with no effort from your side khales :) It depends…

    You do not know I am sarcastic? :) I can be bitterly sarcastic to an irritating degree :)

  5. I know you are sarcastic, but to an irritating degree? mmmmmm .. :)

    for memories, being over-written, I wish you’re right. I wish you’re right too about things to slip out of memory easily. I wish I can kill that monster (past) in my mind that is breeding upon (everyday) actions

  6. I know there are some contradictions in my two comments .. on the 2nd, I meant that some memories are considered, at least by me, to be a base to build a new life .. as long as it wouldn’t harm that new life, human beings (with some patience and understanding) can cope with oasis and desert in their minds … Besides, a man, as i said before, is a living recording method

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