Posted by: Mermaid | April 10, 2009

Definition of a Feeling

It is part of the definition of a feeling that it is born in us without our will, often against our will. As soon as we want to feel (decide to feel …), feeling is no longer feeling but an imitation of feeling, a show of feeling. This is commonly called hysteria. That’s why homo sentimentalis (a person who has raised feeling to value) is in reality identical to homo hystericus.


Immortality – Milan Kundera


  1. (Y)

  2. That’s a thumb up :) … which of course means that I liked this post :) … Sometimes you get touched by simple words … which are rare … And this status should be appreciated … :)

  3. :))

    E7em… am not that good in the signs/symbols langauge that’s why I didn’t understand the (Y) :$

    Kundera is a great writer. He sometimes throws words keda that echo inside of the reader.

    Sharraft el blog :)

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