Posted by: Mermaid | May 11, 2009

My Wedding

Before jumping into conclusions, no, there is no real wedding here :) But before I speak about this, let me get back in time a bit. Almost a month ago I watched “Possession” a movie that lingered in my mind for days later and no movie could erase its aftertaste. I have always known that I am not a city person. But now I know for sure I hate being modern as well! I do not like the fact that I write using pen and paper no more but directly on my laptop, sms-ing instead of calling some friends, spending too much time on the internet or in front of T.V. and so on. I want to be ancient and old-fashioned! When I fall in love, I want my man to send me letters sealed with red wax and his initials, no e-mails. In my birthday, I want him to get me a box full of scented candles (lavender, cinnamon and blueberry), a notebook with old yellow sheets to write my favorite quotes in, a pearl pendent and above all this lays a crimson rose with a white satin ribbon– I do not want a laptop or a mobile phone! I want him to take me in long walks in the countryside or on picnics in a felucca or a quiet park – I do not want to go to fancy restaurants!  


Sealed Letter2


Almost ten years ago, I had pen-pals. I miss receiving and sending letters. I miss the excitement of opening a letter, eating the words with my eyes and getting my notebook to start writing mine. I used to enclose a postcard in the envelop, something about Egypt. Fiona a girl from France, medium length letters. Olley, from Ireland, the funniest guy ever (do you know how hard it is to make someone laugh though letters?! But I used to burst out in laughter reading his funny words). Greece and China too – but can’t remember the names. I wish I were still exchanging letters :(

Now, back to my wedding, if I am ever to have one, I was in a two friends’ wedding a few weeks ago. And I found out that mine will be totally different simply because if I exclude all the components that I dislike about weddings, nothing will remain! If I ever get married, I’ll just have a simple open-air reception on a fine autumn day, no “zaffa” followed by a grand entrance on God’s ninety-nine Attributes while people are clapping and waving, no specific place for me and him to sit in, I’ll just mingle and share my happiness with people, and definitely no cutting of the bride’s cake and that silly tradition of eating from the same fork while the waiter (or whatever his name is) takes it out so that we kiss – definitely NO! There will be no tasteless, vulgar music (like “el 3enab”) even if everyone demands it, only nice soft songs – mostly oldies along with a few French ones – will be played. Chocolate fountain and lots and lots of pineapple slices will be the centre of the buffet :) Most probably I’ll keep my shoes on just in the first half an hour in the wedding then I’ll throw them somewhere to move freely. I hope it would be a full moon night so that after the wedding, we can go just the two of us somewhere quiet to watch the moon for a while before heading to our cozy home calmly with no “beep beep” to start our life together :)



  1. :D such a relief, I stopped attending weddings simply becuase I cannot stand the intolerable hullabaloo. I am looking forward to this one ;)
    As for the first bit, keep a diary book, and send letters and post cards to friends…start to revive the old lovely habbits.

  2. Ah ya Nerro :( Weddings became intolerable with their predictible, repeated patterns :(

    I am looking forward to this one too :D

    Wallahy fekra… but do you think my friends (including you :) ) won’t think I went nuts when I send them letters and postcards? ;)

  3. Would I be invited?
    If so, I’d go on saying the following words 

    I do not know actually how to start .. simple words are all around ..they left nothing for me to talk about .. is it because I see a simple girl talking? Or just because of her dreams as a human being to go back to simplicity that utter what we miss?

    What I loved about your words here, Mayada, is the mixing of memories and dreams; they look like a recipe for a good-natured girl, who dreams well for she lived her past well, a recipe to build a quiet, balanced and lasting home.
    And indeed, it would be great locating a new spot on earth; not explored, not trodden, not spoiled by modern trends and not demanding.

    And as much as I know now that true Eve does exist, I wish those dreams would be true also, enabling to erase the deformed shape of a modern female.

  4. la2 khales bel3aks, we will think you are such a loveable and thoughtful person.
    P.S: a friend suggested the post card move as a new year greeting, and it was awesome :D

  5. Hello Bahaa,

    Thank you very much for the nice words :) Yes, I want it to be simple and soft … not musical pumps or too sophisticated steps.


    I am on itttttt :D

  6. it is exactly how I imagined your wedding ya doodz, nothing more, nothing less. It is an embodiment of who you are. So I am not surprised, but I enjoyed the short trip in “Doodz’s personality”. (wide smile)

    Love you so very much.

  7. Ya MOONZZZ :D And I cannot imagine it without you :) Love you MORE :)

  8. ya rab it come true and be more perfect than u descriped

  9. seeeeebek enty…. mesh IYS bardo? :D
    Lovely post ya Mayo!

  10. OMG Mermaid, it is like you were there through every single fight between me and my fiance! :D

  11. Askandarani,
    Thanks a lot ya fandem :))

    Mostly from other sources but one or two from IYS (enty lessa fakra el esm ya ze2reda?) :D

    loool… ana yetkhaf menny :D (Sigh) Aywa ya Dee… I wish they’d understand what we value and appreciate instead of el estis-hal!

  12. Nadala a7’er 7aga, grrrrrrrrrr

    Tab mafeesh kelmeten 7lween wala da3weten lel ragel elly zay el 3assal elly recommended the movie, got you a perfect copy and told you “You have to see it, it is your kind of movie”???

    :( :( :(

    Ma3lesh ya Meto, tool 3omrak keda

  13. LOL ya Meto :D

    Aywa… Meto el 3azeem howa elly recommended the movie and got me a copy of it kaman :D Rabena yekhaleek ya Meto :)

  14. LOOL .. I LOOOVE your wedding mn delwa2ty w ta2reeban 3azamt nafsy 7’alas 3aleh :))

    I’m loving the chocolate fountain and I hate the stupid cake and it’s cliche’s. Actually I’m happy that there are other ppl who hate the same cliche’s in weddings and I’m not a weirdo wla 7aga and there are still some ppl who don’t want el 3enab played on their wedding :D

  15. loool ya Zandzzz :D Ya fandem tenawary :D I’ll let you know once I find who’s gonna share this wedding with me ;)

    Begad ana 3ayza 2a3raf, heya el nass mesh betezha2 men el repetition?!!!

  16. homa sa3at byzha2o .. bs bardo mahom 3amalo arkab el 7antoor masalan 3shan el zaha2 da .. la2 we should admit n fi creativity ya mayo matezlemeehomsh :))

  17. Aaaaaaah ya 2alby!!! When I first heard this “7antour” song I thought it was a man!

    Begad mesh mesada2ahom!

    Imagine a wedding with classical music feeh :D That would be SOMETHING to attend :D

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